Too busy to have a life.

Too busy to have a life.

If I ask someone how’s things going? the answer would be “I m busy.” life is full of hustle and bustle. Everyone is running behind something. We even don’t want to waste a single second of our lives. Now the question arises, Do we really use our time ? 

What are we doing with our time? 

If you understand the purpose of your life then there is no need to run behind various things. People think that keeping themselves busy mean they are in demand that need not to be true.  You are just disconnecting yourself with the society. If we do something aimlessly then that is of no use. Staying busy all day and night also affect us physically as well as mentally.

Horward Thurman,the early 20th century civil rights leader once said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs , ask yourself what makes you come alive.”

In modern busy lifestyle, we are neglecting the most important aspect of our life i.e. health.

People work late at nights and wake up late in mornings. Working continuously and forget to have their meals on time.

On the other hand, if we talk about children, we get disappointed. They are taking mental pressure. They want to ace in every aspect of life. That is not about children. Everybody think that they can manage all the things. They can do what they want.

for ex: a working woman take care of her family as well as handling her professional work. I am not saying that they can’t manage. They can.

But they forget to live their lives.

Set your priorities. Don’t follow the rat race blindly. Ask yourself what you need the most in your life ?

Give time to your near and dear ones. Keep one thing in mind that you are working for the happiness, for the welfare of society or yourself. Don’t get into the work so deep that you start to forget about yourself.

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