Time is all what we have

Time is what we have



Time is a much bigger investment than money for everything you do is an investment. When you watch a movie, you are making an investment in entertainment, in case you find it useless; then you have made a bad investment for which you receive a poor return for your time.

People value money more than time but remember you will always have the opportunity to make more money, but once time has passed then it is gone forever. Our whole day is over by performing various activities such as working, eating, sleeping, exercising, entertainment, etc all of which are important. But when we start investing too heavily in only one area and do not balance our time then this creates a problem. The key here is investing your time in such a way that perfectly balances the time required for each of the tasks and help in a productive and pleasurable life. But deciding on how to invest our time is a fearsome task. Few principals that will guide you to develop the right schedule are,

  • Look for Multiple Positives: Every person may have different multiple positives, the essential task is finding ones that work for you. Here a multiple positive refers to activities that generates a positive return in more than one area and helps in multiplying returns and incur lesser losses. A multiple positive for a chef is to cook or watch some interesting cookery shows as it will help build better ideas The key here is to find multiple positives is finding areas where different positive actions intersect.
  • Avoid Multiple Negatives: Multiple negatives refer to the activities that detract from multiple areas of life. Let us give an example, now some of you may have a habit of drinking, now this will hurts you in the following ways – One the time spent may not be productive, second this will affect your pocket, and third it has a bad effect on your health. It is no that you should ban yourself from any leisure activities but we should always try to minimize the negative impact of our actions. I order to avoid the negative impact it is important to periodically analyzing your behavior to check whether it is a good investment, or is it time to make a change?
  • Start Compounding: Hope everyone understands the concept of compound interest. The same concept applies to time. For instance if you invest your time by working hard, you put yourself in a position to succeed that will continue compounding for the rest of your life but if you waste time when you’re young, you can’t make up for it later because you’ve lost the opportunity to utilize the power compounding.


Consider the fact that no one will value your time valuable unless you do. If you wish to have the freedom to live your ideal lifestyle, then start thinking of every decision as an investment and remember nothing is insignificant.

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