Rahul’s parents bought Caspar when he was seven years old. Rahul was their only child and Caspar became his only company. While Rahul used to go to school, Caspar became a helping hand to his mommy. While the family was out for dinners, Caspar became the caretaker. While Rahul’s father was about to quit his regular morning jogging sessions, Caspar became his motivation.

Caspar is a Golden Retriever who is now about to join the league of abandoned pedigree dogs that are dumped on the roads everyday. Rahul is twelve now. His parents are blessed with a baby girl. They are already going financially low; they can no longer bear the cost of vet bills, boar-dings, dog foods and toys. Moreover, it is not safe for the little baby to stay in the same house as Caspar, they say. In addition to this, Rahul is now a grown up and busy with his studies, so no one has time for the innocent soul.

Caspar is definitely not the only one. With each passing day, we can find as many pets infested with maggot wounds, starving and with a broken spirit. While some are lucky to be rescued, others perish due to heartbreak or hunger.

Delhi over the years is witnessing a rise in the number of abandonment of not only pedigree, but even mixed breed or desi dogs that were once pets. According to the recent facts, only one out of every ten dogs born find a permanent home. Moreover, the ratio of the homeless animals to the homeless people is 5:1.

Various shelters functioning in the city on an average get four to five abandoned pets everyday. These dogs that reach the shelter are mostly in a terrible state, as once on the street they have no reflexes to take care of themselves. They get bitten by street dogs, starve and often get hit by cars. Also, re-homing of old dogs becomes difficult for the rescuers.


Pets are the innocent creatures which are kept for a personโ€™s company or protection. They have the ability to stimulate their caretakers. They can help cope up with emotional issues and achieve health goals. They can be our constant companion. All they expect from us is love and care.


  1. Spread awareness about the pet abandonment situation through social media.
  2. Volunteer at a shelter. Engage in walk dogs, playing with pups, handling the routine cleaning tasks, helping in fundraising. Remember to never leave the shelter animals to be put to death.
  3. Donate money or goods like food, toys, blankets to help save the lives of the pets. But make sure the organisation is non profit.
  4. Foster a homeless pet. This will help in freeing up the valuable space and resources at the rescue homes.
  5. Adopt a pet and open your home to an abandoned pup or kitten. Today many shelters maintain an online presence. You may review the photos and the descriptions of the companion animal that are available for adoption.


  1. Before getting a pet, educate yourself on understanding that it is a lifetime commitment, and that the pet would need the same care as a child. Do not impulsively go and get a pet.
  2. Not all dogs are meant for Indian climates. The market is flooded with breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Saint Bernard, which are not meant for a tropical country like ours. Also, big dogs arenโ€™t meant for small flats.
  3. Adopt, donโ€™t buy. This will give a chance to hundreds of dogs languishing in the shelters. If you see an animal in distress donโ€™t hesitate to help.

If you have ever considered adopting a companion animal in need, the time to act is now!

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