The fury within

The fury within

We often we find ourselves trapped right in the middle of the viscous cycle of life, trying to crawl our way out of this abyss.  Before we know it, each subsequent day gets led by our vices- our moral weaknesses.

The simplest of things can lead to our downfall- whether it is wanting to stir away from companionship, reading too much into things, not being able to control our anger or even being too lazy! They hamper our daily routine and due to the lack of acknowledgement of these obstacles they proliferate and eventually turn into one of our vices.

This can lead to financial problems, relationship problems and at a very basic level- problems with oneself.

Good thing being the human race is known for its resilience, the ability to bounce right back after a traumatic experience.  Here are some ways to deal with our angst effectively-


They say acceptance is the first step to recovery. There is no shame in knowing whats wrong with us, in fact it only makes us wiser! The fact that we know what the problem is enlightens us to the next path we must choose.


It can either be from a psychologist or anybody you trust. Confide in them and tell them what exactly you are going through. Remember, their judgement isn’t clouded by your vice, so it is most likely that they will be there for you every time you falter and stumble.


Even in the healing process there will be times when you want to shut people out- at times it’s ok. But remember, if it’s making your situation any worse then get out! Breathe in the fresh air and soak in the beautiful sun that’s outside. Let natures beauty entice you, surround yourself by positive people that make you want to grow.


Find out something that you love- and do it! Whether it’s painting, dancing, cooking or even slipping into a few hours of comedy! This will help keep you busy and your mind away from all the negativity. Remember, its something you love so you will naturally want to do.It will allow you to realize the beauty in things again


Parents, teachers, elders and basically everybody has told us this at atleast on point in our lives. Mostly its annoying, but after understanding the logic behind it,it doesn’t seem all that bad after all. Point being, exercising gives us more control over our body, over something. In turn this boosts up our confidence and allows us to believe that we will be able to control other aspects of our life as well.

All these when put together lead to a state of equilibrium within ourselves. Before we know it. Half our problems automatically get over this way!

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