SOAPS- never in my life could I ever imagine that this word can churn out millions, is it Ariel, wheel vim, rim, no my friends it’s the soap serials that I am talking about- it’s all foamy and skinny

A serial running up to 5462 episodes can provide a nurturing backup for an infant till he/she attains adulthood, you may find him/her enjoying the same series even in his death bed with glittering eyes and a hunger that has not reached its saturation point, and the biggest irony is the fact that the characters in the serial don’t age

Sindhbagh wasted all his life in an attempt to decipher the immortal river, what a waste of precious time he should have come down to India and watched a few serials

Do you ever find your mother sister, going to bed with heavy make-ups, welcome to Indian television, you will find every aged women projecting a celebrated look

Nowadays these serials have become so perilous that that we have started resonating with the characters, developing an intimate bond with them, the habit of making a mountain out of a molehill is the inheritance from the Tv serials

Psychoanalysis have inferred that the type of things we see and visualise, somewhere within our sub conscious mind we develop a virtual persona of us ascribing to the traits and aptitude of the characters whom we find rigorous, Pugnacious, appealing and charismatic. Tv serials exude myriad of emotions, it makes us laugh miff, cry, gloom, morose, gritty, jealous and so on

If we are able to co relate with the script and the characters of a Tv fiction, we develop a very strong affinity for that particular serial, it becomes a sort of addiction which is very difficult to do away with

However how bad your day is if your favourite Tv soap crops up as soon as you press the button of your remote, all your stress, hyper tension, anxiety gets obliviated with just a glimpse of your favourite characters

My own brother is  a die-hard fan of Chota bheem My mom makes her do all the stuffs just by remarking in a stern voice- if you don’t do your assignments I will not let you watch Chota bheem, his reaction is similar to the feeling of anxiety that Sachin Tendulkar is overwhelmed up  with when he reaches 99

Thus the Indian television has taken us for a ride. However I personally believe that even though how alluring a serial is, it should always end with a moral message, it is seen that many serials are losing the touch of rationality and logicality. Tv has become an integral part of everyone’s life especially of children so therefore television should come up those series which teach them about the tenets of human values ,their emulation as well, because our future rely on these children and if we should be not concerned then –‘WHO’S GONNA BE!!

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