What are the Qualities of a "Great" Executive?

Top Leadership skills that make Great Leaders

What’s the difference between a good leader and a great one? Dr. Mortimer Feinberg, a consultant psychologist to American big business for many years, gives this definition: “The best corporate officers, the men who are recognized as tops, have a lot of energy and drive. They do many different things simultaneously—not all of them well, necessarily—but they are driven, people. Napoleon could do seven things at once. Look for such traits in your subordinates. “I…

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Introduction When walking around a party you are the host of, how do you greet and deal with each guest? Is it a scripted ‘Hello, Hi, It’s so nice of you to be here’? That, yes, but is that all? Take a minute to think and you’ll realize that your mannerism changes with every individual you deal with, on a closer inspection you may even find that each guest treats each person in the room…

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What is Business Communication

Business Communication – Why You Should Master the Skill of Communication

Introduction to Business Communication In our daily lives we spend a major part of our days communicating. We need to communicate in order to be heard and to be understood by others. In the business world the act of communication forms the basis of the workings of the system and is therefore needed to be refined and proper. Poor communications skill not only creates problems in the workspace, it also proves as a barrier for…

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leadership definition | how to become a leader

Leadership Definition | What makes a Good Leader

Definition of Leadership Leadership can be understood as the ability to instigate motivation amongst others that results in the improvement in the quality of the work. Leadership is a trait necessary for an executive to influence the attitude of the worker towards the work thereby influencing the overall efficiency of the work itself. One can define leadership as the capacity of an executive to enhance the degree of accomplishment of certain goals. Positivity, confidence, and…

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