The essence of communication



Communication is a two-way process that involves sharing information. For communication to occur someone must give information-and someone must receive and understand it. Communication is essential for getting along with other and getting things done.

1. Your role as Communicator
To be an effective team leader, you need good Communication skills. Your duties may include sharing ideas, concerns, suggestions and other information with those on your team, your superiors and, in some cases, people outside your organisation. For example, you may need to:

Give work assignments or instructions
Make or discuss changes in procedures, policies or responsibilities
Respond to enquiries
Let team member know how they’re doing solicit ideas, thoughts or information form other people.

2. There are many ways to communicate
Communication may be written (for example, letters, reports or memos) or spoken (for example, face-to-face, over the phone, one to-one or in groups) When speaking, you also communicate by your gestures, facial expressions, posture and tone of voice-your” body language” Each method of communication has its own unique advantages and disadvantages-and skills to be learned.

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