The act of Procrastination

Albert & Rex

We think we’re are very clever, yet our mighty brains that allow us to to touch the moon and create evolution are the same stupid brains that can’t complete an assignment until it’s dueOur brains has evolved from primitive creatures, but had never quite shed ourselves of their heritage. Lets call our rational part of the brain which you think of as your human consciousness as Albert which lives next to an impulsive baby reptile say Rex. Rex was evolved millions of years ago and his instincts guide with primitive thoughts and no language.

Note, Rex makes the final call on every single decisionsWe think of Albert as our true conscious mind – our true self such that Albert is the talking, reasoning part. When we obey traffic rules or study for exams, Albert makes that decision. Rex does listen to Albert like a child and works as he’s told to, but as long as he wants to. If Rex prefers to relax and watch Hangover or just chill and party, then that’s what you’re going to do.

The available food and shelter takes care of us, so does a system of law, and justice, mandatory education, entertainment, monogamy all of which calms Rex down for Albert to do something useful – like discover light, or invent iPads. You make several decisions with your conscious mind and wondering why you’re not carrying it out. This is because of the real decision maker – Rex  which is not nearly so mature.


  • Once you’ve decided to do something, logic and rationale will not help you. Your inner reptile can be pacified, scared and excited but it cannot be reasoned with.
  • When you are hungry, tired or depressed your inner reptile will fight back and refuse to do what you say.
  • Reward yourself for successes, and set up assured punishments for your failure. One of the examples include committing to a public goal, or working in a team – here the social pressure influences Rex.
  • Rex the reptile in our brain responds to emotion. Motivational talks, movies and articles work for a while so better make your imagination vibrant enough that it shakes you.
  • Rex’s instincts avoid changes but once you begin something those instincts come in your favor. You can even convince Rex to love doing the things he hates over a period of time be enforcing your instincts.
  • The reptile inside us is short sighted and not terribly bright. It’s like showing a child the start of a cool TV program immediately before bedtime. You must try to design your environment free from such distractions.

Once you recognize what to look for, you’ll start understanding the patterns and control them. There’s an brash baby reptile in your brain, and unfortunately he has the steering wheel. If you channel the impulsive baby in us like like a good parent he is most likely to do what you say, and serve you well. You have to just remember who’s in charge.

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