Strategies for new job search

job search

Candidates who are searching for new or better employment opportunities need concentrate, dedicated attention, assertiveness and persistence during the process of job search..  The process of job search can be simplified whilst getting a better result by using specific strategies as listed below

  • Narrow your search by choosing the job cautiously. Ask yourself what you s an individual want from the next job as per your skills, interests, and values. After which seek employment in those segments only.
  • Recognize your strengths. Reflect and highlight on your most significant accomplishments, successes and experiences. Be ready with an 30 seconds elevator pitch to illustrate how you are best for the job.
  • Research. Analyze and determine about target company so you can learn of opportunities and become a candidate prior to a job posting.
  • Network rigorously Keep on networking and tell everyone (family members, friends, former colleagues, etc.) that you are looking for employment. The purpose of your conversation at networking events, is to build a relationship, rather than to ask for a job. At the end of the conversation, ask them who else would be good for you to talk to. Ask them if you can use their name as a reference.
  • Use recruiting firms. Consider using an employment agency to help you. Spend time understanding the services they will provide and the costs of such services.


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