Stock market trends and investors


Stock market is a mechanism where continuous buying and selling of shares are taken place and price of the stocks are determined by the free movement of market forces such as demand and supply.


Stock market is a crucial medium of raising domestic saving from household and corporate bodies and converting it into productive investment which acts as an engine of growth for the nation. In the current scenario that is in the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the financial year 2008-2009, it is a million dollar question for all individuals specifically for retail investors whether this is ideal time to invest in Indian Stock market when entire globe is plunged back into recession trap.


This is such a topic which can not be answered by couple of sentences unless and until entire circumstances and scope of the market can be analyzed properly.In recent trend we can see the robust growth in few sectors like pharma and banking.


Sensex is trading above 28000 and nifty had also crossed 8500 which shows the huge growth .In last thirty years sensex had shown the the growth of 16% which means Rs.10000 had become 9,12,946 .But the benefit is obtained only by those who had the knowledge and approached to the market.Therefore there is the need to have good command over the market conditions and to boost the economy.


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