Social responsibility: An Idea to begin


In today’s era people across the globe are most concerned about the environment so that they can give their coming generation a better and beautiful place to live in. As the corporate world started playing an increasingly important role in the affairs of the world, it became imperative that it should become conscious and responsible for the consequences of its decisions and activities that they undertake in order to expand their business.

Shoppers these days want the companies to make some good use of their money and bring a positive change  around them. Because of this organizations are now making social responsibility a top priority in their business function.

What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Niall Fitzerald, former CEO, Unilever said “Corporate social responsibility is a hard- edged business decision.”

It is a a hard- edged business decision because It is for the growth and the betterment of the business.

Under CSR, Management should respect the natural rights of an individual and take necessary steps that the environmental balance is made.


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