Social Media Management Internships

Social Media Management Internships

There is much that goes into the making of news. Sitting in front of a TV screen one can have no idea of the hustle bustle of the newsroom and how hordes of people work each day to ensure that every tiny little detail falls into place at the right time for the the news of the moment to reach the general public. If Television journalism is your interest then an internship at a media corporation is the best place to start. The timings are a little tough, and most likely will include lee real late nights. The amount of work varies, and also depends on whether you’re working in a bureau or the Head Office.

Ideally, many media houses have a three month internship course, whereby the intern can spend one month in each department and get a sound understanding of how all units work together to create news. However, in the matter of length there is much flexibility and the intern can work for anywhere between 4-12 weeks.
The first week for any and every intern is spent in the library. The library is where logging and archiving of all the video content of that particular news channel is done. The recording of the day’s events from all over are first ingested into the server of the channel and then the tape is sent to the library for the footage to be archived.

On most days there are usually 4 tapes. Of around 3 hours each. On some days, in case of a big newsworthy event there can even be 5. It is undeniably a tedious job which requires the person to carefully watch the footage, dump it into an empty cassette all the while carefully writing a short description of the various events along with the names of the individuals covered by the camera (spell checked of course, for an easy search in case the footage is ever required in the future) onto the computer screen next to you, along with the time span of that particular clip, precise to the second if not frame.
The next part of the internship is spent in the editing bay. If one is familiar with the software then there’s nothing to it. You can get to making practise packages in no time. However, even if one is unfamiliar with the technology it doesn’t take much time to grasp the basics. A week or two’s dedicated practise can give you enough semblance of how simple editing works and enable you to create bins, cuts bytes and make simple packages. The only real work an intern does in the editing bay is get videos the editors may require for the day ingested and sometimes, cut bytes of pre recorded footage of reporters. The work in the editing bay only starts after 6, when the stories for prime time news have been decided and the packages start coming in. Ingesting videos requires a significant amount of legwork and entails running from the library to the Ingest room and back.
After this, the intern spends some time in the Production Control Room, often abbreviated to the PCR. Here, the intern learns the basics of production and graphics and comes to understand what exactly goes in making the news show and its presentation. Towards the end of an intern’s tenure he/she may be even allowed to tag along with a reporter to an event they are covering so as to get a feel of how reporting and shooting works.
In a short span of time, media internships are a great way to gain the feel of the workplace atmosphere and culture of TV news. There’s much to learn and the people in the industry are very generally very genial and welcoming. It’s the news industry, so everyone has something to talk and if you listen you might even pick up a few things. Of course, if nothing else the very least you will come away with in such an internship is a formidable knowledge of current affairs.

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