Sacrifice Your Sleep, Not Your Food


With the growing influence of fitness centers along with the increasing demand for the ‘perfect figure’ for men and women alike, dieting has become a trend. People are cutting down on their food intake to slim their bodies down.

Not so surprisingly, women face these situations more than men do. Up to 50% women are believed to be following a diet at any given point of time. With high media standards of the ‘perfect figure’ and easy access to the media for youngsters, specially teenagers, almost 90% of them diet regularly.

(Facts are taken from ‘The Bodywise Woman” – Judy Mahle Lutter)

The problem that is arising now is the misconception about dieting. Not more than 10% of regular dieters know the correct effects of dieting. Here are some lesser-known facts: When an individual undergoes extensive dieting, there is a rapid weight loss; this results in a greater muscle-loss instead of the intended fat-loss. But when you regain weight, it’s always in form of fat (not muscle). Therefore, dieting leads to an unbalance between the muscle and the fat and there is an unusual change in the body composition.

Yes, there is a solution to it. Dieting is good and necessary at a certain point. However, ONLY dieting is not the key for a fit body in the long run. This is where the exercise comes in. A diet that consists of all the meals in their adequate quantity, quality and nutrition along with appropriate exercises is the only solution that will reduce muscle loss and maximize fat loss.

Finally, always remember, the first thing you give up when you go on a diet is your good mood. Going hungry and sacrificing on food isn’t going to help you stay fit. One needs to be self-motivated, exercise regularly (preferably mornings) and eat healthy.

Stay Healthy. Live Happily.

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