Problem of Indian Media


Media is performing a very important role and no one can deny the fact but its true that there is problem with the media at the same time.
Because media create a news inaccurate sometimes to gain TRP for their channels .Almost 50% of the public reports having had first hand knowledge of news event at sometimes even though they were not the part of that story. They also have a problem that mistakes regularly left uncorrected in editing task .Even now media not focusing on the environment issues and providing more information on entertainment issues rather than social issues.Never ever media focus on such topics like global warming ,deforestation ,soil erosion ,water scarcity ,etc so there is great need to aware people about it.


Media is great source of providing these information to the people but it is ignoring these facts just because of profit motive and TRP of their channels ,they always print ,show cast that news where people show their interest and they gain TRP.
The news related to most important issues should be on front page rather than the news of accident,robbery.Because of media people are forming their perception for a thing ,person and place .So it is duty of journalist to provide the accurate information in a genuine way ,if they see something good happening in the country ,the citizens would definitely appreciate it but if the media always shows how badly the economy is going on,it will definitely have a bad impact on the citizens and also the reputation of the country.


Thus it is duty of media to aware the citizen by providing the accurate and latest updates and they should also show the various inauguration ceremony of the government projects ,development schemes,new innovations in market ,new creation on TV, newspapers and other sources of media.

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