Robotics- The new reality of our daily lives !

Robotics becoming a reality and part of our daily lives!

There was a time when we used to talk about Robots. Now, we have Robots existing in our daily lives. It has become a reality now! Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Biometrics have acted as a thick icing on the cake of Robotics. With several technologies inculcated with Robotics, we come up with some of the most exciting features and make it possible for the Robots to become a part of our daily lives. Here are some of the most interestingly amazing ways in which they have entered our lives:

1. Robotic teachers – With the advent of this technology, every student can get tutored or taught at home, school or colleges by Robots. The best explanation of this technology can be through the picture shown below. It shows as to how a student can get tuitions from a teacher overseas or at far distant through a Robot. It is like an interface between the teacher and the student. The teacher teaches the lessons over the computer that is connected or linked in wireless form to the Robot. It makes the appearance such that there is a live teacher tutoring the student. This enhances the quality of education and makes it further more interactive. This even overcomes the distance and travelling issues.

2. Robotics Services – Robots can take the place of bartenders, waiters, nurses, factory workers, and many such similar services where they can be interactive as well carry out physical tasks. They can deliver food to the customers at a restaurant or food corner. They can be the shop vendors at any grocery store or retail store. They can act as the care takers of the patients at the hospitals. They can operate the patients with the instructions of the doctors overseas. Robotic worker for any service provide more precision and accuracy than any other option. They can be the best ways in which not only do we save upon energy, but we even save upon time and money.

3. Robots at War – This is the best of all options that I feel because a lot of bloodshed and inhumanity is avoided with Robots replacing the soldiers at war front. Just imagine how many precious lives we will save due to this?! We read and hear to news of soldiers getting killed at border and Maoists’ areas. All that can be avoided with the Robots replacing them. They can be operated by the defence authorities like DRDO and Indian Army itself, but we save upon lot of lives, miseries, sacrifices, losses, bloodshed and what not. This can overcome all the hatred due to the political issues in the country as well. All in all, this step will give a positive impact in our lives.

4. Robots for the elderly – We listen to news and read on papers daily where elderly people are thrown out of their homes by their own children. The aged people end up staying in ‘Ashrams’ and Elderly Homes. Also, the aged people find it unsafe staying alone at their home whereas their children are in their job or busy out town. This increases the cases of murder and theft in the homes of such elderly people. For them, Robots are the best alternatives for safety and security. Also, when the parents get older, they face health issues and cannot carry out the daily chores, like driving to the shops for getting groceries, cooking, washing and other home chores. Robots can do it all as they can drive with the GPS device inbuilt them, cook with instructions fed in them and many more things. They can be the best entertainers as well, not only for the elderly, but also for their grand children whenever they make a visit in summer holidays! Here are some of the pictures that do justice to the above explained ideas.

So it is no more a fiction or some kind of Sci-Fi thing that we watch on television. It is soon going to be a reality. There are further many more researches being carried out and many experiments are done daily that can change our lives like never before! All we need to do is to wait and watch the magic happen!

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