Common mistakes during the first interview..

Common mistakes people make during the first interview

Everyone wish that they should have a perfect interview. The best way to achieve it is by knowing the common mistakes one generally do in an interview as it is said “Prevention is always better than cure”.

Here are the most common mistake people make in an interview:

Arriving late:

Punctuality is always appreciated. Whenever you go for an interview, make sure you arrive on time. Being punctual wouldn’t put you in the top list but arriving late surely makes a bad impression. Coming little early helps as you get some time to relax yourself. It helps you to prepare mentally for an interview. But coming up too early also irritates an interviewer and can create an awkward environment.

Fake information:

Be honest with the questions Interviewer asks you. You don’t have to lie to satisfy them. ”If you tell the truth you never have to remember anything” correct, right? Try to impress them with whatever knowledge you have rather than faking about something you don’t know. You should be certain about the information you have specified in your CV or resume.

Not being prepared:

Before going for an interview, check whether the job requirements match your qualifications/skills. Prepare for the job you are seeking for. If you are fully prepared, it will help you boosting up your confidence. Ill prepared employers hardly get the jobs.

 Talking too much or too little:

If asked a question, never give lengthy answer or too short answer (i.e. in yes/no answer). Be specific with whatever the interviewer asks you. Being too lengthy or short can have adverse effect. The best way to respond is by practicing it with your friends. They can provide you with necessary feedback. Try implementing this feedback when you appear for an actual interview.

Failing to research a company:

It would be a big disadvantage if you haven’t done research about the company you are applying for. Knowing everything about the company shows that you are interested in job. Do research about company’s mission and vision. This will create good impression of you in an interviewer’s mind. So always do your homework before going for an interview.

Being Over-Confident or Too Nervous:

Confidence is one of the essential skill required for an interview, but appearing too confident will make them think that you won’t be right candidate for the job. Don’t try to amplify your achievements – be humble.

Nervous people are not the first choice for an interviewer. Try to calm yourself while having an interview.

Checking Cell Phone:

How does it look when an interviewer is negotiating with you and you are busy checking your phone or you make the interviewer wait, as you have to receive a call?? Texting or answering the cell phone is not only considered rude but also disrespectful. If you have the habit of checking your cell phone every now & then, better don’t take it with you in an interview room.

Asking for Salary:

This is one of the most common mistake people make during first interview. Avoid asking about money until & unless interviewer ask you about it. It makes an interviewer think that you are interested in money rather than job. Always follow interviewer’s lead. However, in case if he/she doesn’t ask you about money, you can ask it at the end of an interview.

Asking no questions:

Interviews are two-way process. Always be ready with your questions at the end of interview. Best way is to prepare few questions before you arrive and write down other issues that arise during an interview process. Make sure that you ask some specific questions like company’s vision and mission, what they expect you to do for the company, what kind of work they want you to do, etc.

Dressing shabbily:

Many people think that, knowledge alone is enough to crack an interview, but this is wrong, very wrong. A person’s personality depends directly on the way he dresses himself. Make sure that you are wearing wrinkle free clothes and even hairs are nicely done.

Be confident, dress nicely, take a deep breath, remember to maintain the eye contact and you are all set. You gonna crack any interview easily as now you know what mistakes are to be avoided. All the best.

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