The Enigmatic Sundar Pichai of Google

The Enigmatic Sundar Pichai of Google

Back in 2014, when Satya was appointed as the CEO of Microsoft, the world raised eyebrows whether Indians are capable of such an audacity. More Indians got appointed as CEOs of many MNCs and the most prominent one was the rise of Sundar Pichai as the CEO of the much acclaimed Google. Sundar was born and brought up in Chennai and finished his bachelor’s at the IITs. Later on, he proceeded to finish his masters from Stanford and the MBA from Wharton School of Management. Let’s analyze few points which made him the CEO and the paths he tread through for his career to be one of the most successful Indian.

  1. Chrome and Toolbar: Google continues to enjoy the current status and financial positions thanks to the continued perseverance and the mindset of Sundar. He made possible that Google launched the famous Google Chrome browser and the Toolbar. Though Toolbar did not enjoy the success as its partner launch chrome, it maintained to draw the attention of people towards Google as a pioneer of technical innovations. Chrome has replaced Firefox as the favourite browser and still manages to be the desirable browser with so many upgrades and easy installations.
  2. Twitter: Even though Larry understood the potential of Sundar, the elevation of Sundar actually occurred because of Twitter. When Sundar served as the Google’s Chief of Product, Twitter tried to poach him for their company. Google made sure that Sundar stayed by elevating his position and by giving him much more benefits and compensation and the rest is history.
  3. Developers: Sundar liked developers a lot and while serving as the Product Chief, he constantly engaged with the developer community and always encouraged them to serve better products. This improvised Google Search Engine’s working and the enormity of products launched by the Tech Giant under his supervision has made the day for Google.
  4. Emerging Markets: Though Google’s mainstay focus was on the developed nations for their product, Larry failed to understand the potential of the emerging market. Sundar constantly nudged Larry about the profits of these markets and under his able motivation, Google started focussing on the weaker markets. This lead to the emergence of products like Android One Programme, Google maps and the recently launched, Youtube without internet service.
  5. Team: Sundar always worked as Team members and not as a boss. That is certain by the amount of loyalty his co-workers shower on him with their dedicated services and product line up. Even during his lower positions, Sundar had his team close and managed to work effectively with them.
  6. Experience: Sundar worked in Mckinsey Company as a Consultant immediately after his MBA and this is where he learned all of his managerial experience. He displayed his character and was a star at Mckinsey. His level of engagement and his sheer attitude towards his job made him the man he is at Google.
  7. Loyalty: One thing, that Sundar possessed that his peers failed to have his is loyalty for the company. When Google decided to be a single wholely owned subsidiary under the parent company Alphabet Inc, Larry Page decided to be its Ceo and turned the offer of Google CEO towards Sundar, who managed to stay at Google for 11 long years even under severe poaching from Twitter and other giants to have him. He is the wise men and the best one under Google’s stable to succeed the eloquence and attitude of Larry Page.

With his tenure started and Google aiming to be on the top of the world, life is never easy for Sundar Pichai henceforth. His position is described as the most pressured job in the world, and with so much fame our fellow Indian will pass this test with flying colors.

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