Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is  healing system developed and promoted by choa kol sui which claim that the prana energy can be heal the ailments in the body by manipulation of the persons energy field.

Pranic healing is simple yet powerful and effective system of no touch  energy healing. It is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes the prana or life energy to heal the whole physical body. Prana is a life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy.The healer projects prana or life energy   to the patient , thereby healing the patient.It not required drug and not even physical contact with subject.Physical contact is not required due to healer is working on the energy level or bioplasmics of the body not on the physical body.

Basically there are three major sources of prana : Solar Prana .Air Prana ,and Ground Prana .

Solar Prana : is prana from sunlight.It can be obtained by sunbathing or exposure to sunlight for about five to ten minutes and drinking the water that has been exposed to sunlight

Air Prana :- prana contained in the air is called air prana. Air  prana is absorbed by the lungs by breathing and is also absorbed directly by the energy centers of the bioplasmic body.

Ground prana :- prana contained in the ground is called ground prana this is absorbed through the soles of the feet  unconsciously.

Two basic law of Pranic Healing

  1. Law of self repairing :- Body is capable of healing itself at a certain rate
  2. Law of life energy:-For life to exist , the body must have prana or life energy.The healing process can be accelerated by increasing the life energy on the affected part and on the entire body.

Basics Principles in Pranic Healing

  1. Cleansing:-  It is the process of cleaning the diseased energy from the affected chakra and diseased organ of the body Sweeping process.
  2. Energizing :- After cleaning by sweeping the next step is energizing them with sufficient prana of life energy that healing is accomplished.

Basic techniques in pranic healing

  • Sensitizing the hands
  • scanning the  inner aura
  • Sweeping dirty energy.
  • Energizing with prana
  • Stabilize the projected prana
  • Releasing the projected pranic energy.

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