Web Design and Development-Part 5

Web design and Development-Part 5

Warning! Do you have the time?
Experience shows that for web designing people allow very less amount for coding and do tribute most of time for their design and that’s important also as it defines what people wants and what they get. But it should be kept in mind that coding is also as important as the design. The code made should be bug free. As such if you are planning to have a good website with creative minds in that you need to put some time and effort in that thing.
Content Formats
After listing all necessities we need to arrange them in proper format like the thing which would look more good in video format and the other one in image only and then the one with some description also.
The best way to decide what formats to choose is to consider:
• Budget: what you can afford and where to spent how much?
• Audience: Needs of audience should be undertaken like requirement of video and some descripton. Also convenience of audience in respect of data band and pluggin settings.
• Production & maintenance issues: The most needed thing is the maintenance of website?
• Experience of peers & industry: What type of content are your peers using?
• Emerging trends, the law, policies, etc.: The most important is trend setting like the necessary needs of trends and should also be taken care of law policies and restrictions.
Among the most widely used content formats on the web are:
• Plain text • Video • Audio • Flash • PDF • Other
Plain text
The most common and simplest of all the methods. It can be written in any editor whether it is notepad or MS-Word and can be seen on any of the device.
Video & audio
Due to the enlargement and the new broadband technology audio and video concept has become very much popular but in reality it should be updated from time to time and with newer details every time.
Flash is a format that allows for highly interactive applications, games and other content to be published online. However, it is also expensive to produce and is not suitable in all circumstances. It is included as:
• To illustrate an event that occurs over time, e.g. an interactive animation that shows how greenhouse gases contribute to Global Warming.
• To illustrate an event that occurs within a large space, e.g. the movement of power in a power grid.
• To illustrate the relationships between objects or to clarify choices, e.g. to show the configuration options on a piece of machinery.
• To deliver rich media content such as online games.
Portable Document Format (PDF)
The main reason behind using PDF files is that they keep the original content intact and in minimum file size. However it is discouraged by many as inn some devices they don’t support due to driver and software settings.
The most popular is ‘hosted’ services, e.g. content about you that is hosted on other websites. Like the allowing of social sites to connect through the people. This can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous also as some times it becomes very much intensive. Also Widgets are an embedded feature of content from another site, e.g. today’s weather from weather.com. Mashups A link between data on your site and some other site, e.g. Google Maps on LikePlace.ie.

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