Overcoming our fears – how to manage fear and become a better individual


Stormy day with water logged roads and traffic jam it was. Jack’s mom was anxious as her son wasn’t picking up the phone. Her heart began to pound. She was going mad and stuck with the fear of her son’s safety. She shook from head to toe and found herself panicky. She could do no less than call her husband and a whole lot of Jack’s friends. To add to this, the news on the television channels drove her crazy. Her inquisitive and over thinking mind left her broken. But the fact was that Jack was a 19 year old grown up lad who was one amongst those who were stuck in a heavy traffic snarl. What was more was that his phone’s battery was almost dead and the networks poor. While the boy was struggling hard to get home as soon as he could, he had no idea that the situation was becoming worst at his home.

Most of us live with fears throughout our lives. The phone ringing at an odd hour, any family member returning home late or just a casual delay in picking up the phone call gives us palpitations and throws us in a panic. At such times we feel bounded. We’re unable to think clearly and flooded with anxiety. A racing heart, sweating palms and being confused are the results of adrenalin. We feel the need to escape these thoughts and break free the chains of our negative feelings. No doubt that we are normal people and stressing out is a human tendency but of course, with abnormal anxieties, we often end up making our lives dreadful.

Our mind loses control and fear occupies the larger part of it. Our reaction struggles against our feelings and we end up succumbing to the negativity in our lives. We forget to believe in the power of the Almighty and instead begin to trust our negative instincts. We tend to think about the worst of the situations and get the conclusions by ourselves. The end result is that we are left to lament and be sorrowful and our heart is build up with fears of the present and the future.

We need to understand that imagination is a tool and our emotions are clearly linked to it. Problem arises when we let the emotional part of the brain swamp the thinking part and control our imagination. We shall keep our analysis from getting in the way of our thinking. To add to this, we must know that if we can have faith in God in the best of our times, then we should not doubt his plans in our worst. He is there to guide us and knows the best for our lives.

Over the years, we all have known our strengths and weaknesses. We can easily overcome them by breaking these chains of fear inside us and believing that there is a great deal of wisdom in the idea of preparing “affirmations”. As the author Katherine Patterson once said, “To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another”. Thus the ability to recognize our fears, assess the causes and decide how to proceed can help us in life.

We may even make a list of the fearful chains that control our minds in such situations. Also we can make a list of the “affirmations” that shall provide an escape from such negativity and help us stay calm. We may see the positive change happening right through our mind and instead of explanations and excuses we will find ourselves believing in good things, happiness and well being.

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