Open Source vs Closed Source

Open Source vs Closed Source

I get window applications for free, so isn’t that open-source?

Well that isn’t correct. An open source system is a system that is developed collaboratively with a number of developers having there fair share of contribution to the entire system being developed. On the other way round closed source systems are the sytems that are developed in closed environment, and are generally proprietary (owned) systems.

Note: The main purpose of this article is provide its readers apt knowledge about open source systems and thier differences from closed source systems, it does not in anyway intends to promote or demote any product in particular.

The most common example of open source system are the Linux distributions, (Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, BackTrack, Android etc. ) and closed source systems are Windows, Mac OS etc.

So how does it affect the common man?

Well as the open source system are collaboratively developed it has less number of bugs, since there are a number of expert developers who go into the development process. Apart from this they also have better upgrades and are updated as per the market needs.

Consider this, Windows XP was released in the year 2001, the next major version of Windows (Windows Vista ) was released in 2007. It took 6 years for the guys at Microsoft to upgrade their system. Now consider Ubuntu, Ubuntu 14.04 was released on April 14 2014, the next major release Ubuntu 14.10 was released on October 23 2014. What??? , yes that is true, it took only 5 months for the guys working for Ubuntu to upgrade their OS. Amazing isn’t it?


That my dear friend is the power of open source systems, they have been delivering great and amazing system throughout their timeline, which includes major names like, RedHat for Servers, Kali for penetration testing, Android for Mobile Devices & Ubuntu for desktops, open source has it all.

So next time you decide on implementing a information system do consider open source options 😉

Take care & have a cyber-safe day!

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