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Marketing strategies have evolved from News Paper, Boards, Radio, TV to e-marketing i.e. marketing through internet based channels which could be a social network website, a search engine or its results or ads on mobile applications. Existing strength and Increasing use of internet over TV and newspapers even for the news and entertainment has boosted the opportunities hidden in e-marketing to many folds. However, nothing stays new in today’s world. Eventually the marketers will start their quest for next big thing.  Would the internet, mobile advertisements be the zenith of marketing?

Answer is no. According to a study conducted at Princeton University Facebook will be largely abandoned by 2017 just like myspace or Friendster. The reason could be anything from algorithmic editing of web to monotony. People will shift from mobile to Google glass or something even advance.

So the question arises what that next big thing would be? No doubts about arrival of any other social networking website or new search engine but as the time has changed from mass production to customized production or customer based production, the time should change from enforced ads to paid ads for which directly or indirectly customer would be getting something for watching ads, which already has been implemented but in different context. Companies will have to advertise entirely through infomercials, freebies, samples.

Also the demand and emphasis on quality is reducing the effects of marketing strategies which in turn is making “brandism” a new religion. Customer is more aware now; they compare options before buying and ask for demo. However exceptions are always there. You will always be judging your dog food’s taste is by its popularity and advertisements etc.

Finally just as TISCO has adopted the motto, “Customer comes first.” It’s time other companies will have to struggle to find the ways to make their advertisements persuasive enough to create pseudo requirements or to setup quality standards which no other company can achieve or to make customization their competitive advantage like Dell.

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