Motivation in Management

Motivation in Management


Motivated employees can prove to be a great hand in organisation’s growth’

Every organisation wants to grow and expand , as a result  it is very important to know what motivation actually is ?

“Motivation in management describes ways in which managers promote productivity in their employees .It is the process through which managers encourage employees to be productive , more engaged and feel more invested in their work.”- Shauna Kelly

Simply we can define motivation is a kind a of positive energy which managers tries to inculcate in their employees in order to improve their performance.

An interview  was  conducted  by  ‘Forbes ‘ magazine , in which a question was asked from the CEOs of  companies , THE QUESTION WAS-


The answer was –

“ Listen to them , have sincere respect for what they do and understand that they have families as well. Communicate with them as often as possible”- Don Bailey , CEO, Questcor

“You have to do two things .First, you have to understand that everyone needs a path to significance that comes as a result of the work they do.GCU has 3000 people and i can meet with everyone individually. But what we try to do as a large management leadership is to make sure we’re looking at every job classification in the university and figuring out a way for that job to have significance , monetarily and otherwise, for the people who are doing them. People work first and foremost , for themselves and their families . There has to be a path that leads to significance for them individually. Thats highly motivating.”- Brian Mueller ,CEO, Grand Canyon Education

Experience speaks a lot !

Motivation can act as a trigger to the employees, and can be extremely beneficial for the company as well. There are many ways to motivate an employee ,for example- by providing rewards to the employees , appreciating them for remarkable work , promoting them, providing increment in their income etc. If all these techniques are followed an organisation will surely be able to achieve their goals ( or even more than that )  🙂

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