It is one of the Interesting topics of Human Resource. Did you know this earlier? Well, I didn’t. After reading this word, one may perceive its meaning as moonlight at night. But, no! HR considers the word ‘moonlighting’ totally different from one’s perception.

‘Moonlighting’ is an act of employee of doing more than one job, or holding a second job outside of normal working hours. In the process of moonlighting, employee might separate his/her interest from the main job. Most of us may think that one job is enough but for some, it may barely pays the expenses and so people have to hold a second job as the earnings of first job may not be able to satisfy the socio-economic need of one’s life.
Double Employment can harm the interest of employee in connection with his employment because it is assumed that no body can put his best or the same efforts after working 7-8 hours a day. As this may lead to physical or mental imbalance in employee’s life. The today’s social economic scenario bounds a man to earn as to serve his needs as a suggested by Maslow.

*Transition of employees to Blue moonlighting :
Employees get paid for their services in the form of wages and salaries. Along with this, the employees are also paid the fringe benefits and allowances to upgrade the standard of living but a few employees believes that all their demands cannot be met by the organisation hence, they depend either on some other organisations for part-time jobs or start part-time business in order to earn more money and become much more financially stronger.
Suppose, in further employees demand the organisation for the hike in wages and allowances. The management responded positively and so increased their salaries. Some employees will be satisfied with the increased wages and adjust their expenses with the level of wages and benefits from time to time willingly whereas some employees will not be satisfied and they will ‘not’ go for a second job in future because of their inability to get one. Such type of employees will have a conflict with the salaries they receive and will need a second job for additional income and it will not be available to them. Thus, there efforts to bear additional money will not bear any fruits and such type of efforts and the following result is called as ‘Blue moonlighting of employees’.
Positive effect of moonlighting-
moonlighting can give an employee the opportunity to learn new skills that he/she can later apply in the main job and so can have benefits.
But if moonlighting generates excessive hours, then it’s cleary a problem. The overwork results in higher level of stress. A majority of moonlighting feels rushed or presses by time !

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