Mobile Internet Marketing – Everything that you ever wanted to know about marketing on smart phones

Understanding smartphones consumers for mobile internet marketing…

Life and lifestyle, these are the things which are deeply carved in the shadow of time. Every old second fading away   is giving a way for a new second with added value for improved and convenient way of living. The world of advertising and marketing is no different, which have travelled this long,hovering through different medium on way from bold text of print media, to powerful broadcast of radio, to television which transformed entire advertising, to mesmerizing internet and now to the present the world of smartphones.

The world out there is internet crazy where smartphones has overtaken every digital media. The use of smartphones has elevated over past years and it is estimated that by 2020, 70% of the world’s entire population will use the smart phones. These smart phones has become basics for the sustainability in today’s world. They are never away from us, always switched on,and always connected. The use of smart phones for different people are different however the common usage includes browsing internet, using search engine, streaming videos, playing games and many many more. It does not matter whether you are using the bathroom, watching television, reading newspaper or hanging out with friends, it really feels incomplete without smart phone for one. It has become so important part of life the guys are ready to cut down their dating expense and girls are ready to give up their make up kit, in order to possess that smart phones.

 But to talk on the serious note Smartphone’s magic have really made the lives easier to live. They also are great shopping companions letting us purchase from home. Whether to buy product online or to get information about the local retailer, smartphones are the favorite choice. Study shows 70% of users use their smartphones to compare prices, read reviews about the product they want, get coupons and check the new things in the stock. Finding the local information is another important thing that smartphones are used for either it’s a search for local restaurant or a booking of movie ticket. Mobile search queries has reached to the peak over the past few years as people search everything from product review to travel info. Even word of mouth leads to mobile search as people tends to search what they heard and smartphones just being in the hand enjoys the opportunity.

The increase in number of smartphone users has formed a smarter market and created the opportunity for smarter marketing. Reaching out to your targeted costumers at required point of time is one of the main thing that separate successful business from the competitors. A smartphone in this context has emerged as a boon. Marketing via internet is a cost effective way to reach your targeted costumers.

However in this era of smartphones simply marketing via internet and putting up ads is not sufficient. A recent study has shown that the trend of installing ad-blockers is in the rise. This is a strong message internet surfers have sent out in response to the increase number of ads which have become nuisance to users and they find it to be really annoying. Consequently a mobile app or a website shouldn’t have lots of ads. In today’s date and time it is necessary to find alternative ways which are much more indirect but effective to reach out to potential customers in the market. A blogger could simply mention a product or service that he wants to promote rather than putting up a bunch of ads or could write blogs on the product/service, make people interested enough to read about it, chances are they are the ones actually in need of those products and would end of purchasing them.

The strategies used to market a product/service via internet is gradually changing and evolving with mobile phones being at the core of this change. Importance of Mobile internet marketing has significantly increased and having a mobile optimized websites has become a necessity. For every 1 computer, 4 Smartphone exists in this world and it’s not only about the numbers but the frequency in which people use them. Thus marketing via internet and Smartphone directly using ads and indirectly without ads depending on the situational context can improve the overall experience of visiting a website and can reach out to potential users.

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