Media – Playing with the words and how we interpret them


The way in which the news is projected plays a vital role in determining the influence of the story on the readership. There are several tactics used by the media organisations and its reporters to present the story in a manner that it captures the attention of the audience while informing them.
If you stick to immediacy and novelty then it is purely ethical as well as a clever tactic applied by you as a reporter. But if one chooses to cross past that line and brings in yellow journalism and sensationalism to the story just to grab the eye balls of the audience, it is indeed unethical and such a practice should be avoided as much as possible.
A story should be a blend of hard news and soft news facts that grasp the amenity of the audience and satisfies them to the grass root level.
Some of the basic tactics applied by the media when presenting a story, to make it look more attractive and alluring are as follows:
When people actually start relating to the characters of the news story, it gives the story that extra boost that it requires in order to connect to the audience and persuade them to finish the story.
For example:
‘A mother lost her only son’ or
‘Things kids usually hide from their parents’.
An intro of this sort will definitely provoke all the mothers or parents to read the article or the news story. Even the kids will be inclined to read further by the curiousness of knowing as to what facts have been revealed. Its just that simple.

Usually high profile people or celebrities cater the interest of the audience far more than stories and lives of the poor or secluded. Stories related to Bollywood celebrities are most of the time highest on the charts. Special prominence is given to the lives of the rich and popular. Its all about ‘giving what the audience wants’. All newspapers and magazines want their readership to be the highest because of which special prominence is given to these stories.

As I mentioned before, stories that involves sensationalism are always on a top view, whether it is about the arguments revolving around various political parties or a disagreement between players of a cricket team. Anything and everything that has a mass impact always seem to indulge the audience. Conflict or combat is directly related to sensationalism as people have always been curious about the lives of other individuals.

Oddity is the other area that is used by the news agencies to apprehend the mindfulness of the audience. Anything unique, a never heard story, a new machine or technology introduced. All of this plays a major role in influencing the audience to stay intact. Sometimes false rumour is given privilege and made the front line of the news story without proper research and double checking of facts. Just to earn the engrossment of the audience using methods like these should be dodged as much as possible.

Stories that trigger the emotions of the audience always seem to engage the enthrallment of the public as well. Emotions such as sadness, anger or inspiration encourages the readers to annihilate the story. Emotions play a huge part in forming a bond between the reader and the story. An individual gives priority to a certain piece because he/she has this connect to it. To establish such a hook up emotions are a must.

These are broadly some of the tactics antiquated by the news organisations and media companies to cater the attention of its readers. Drama and controversy has always played a major role in fascinating the audience and encouraging them to finish the story.

Any news story that gets published should be verified in advance. Even controversies are news, and it’s a clever technique to use it to the highest potential by a news agency but only till the time they are authenticated and valid. False news story does not only harm the integrity and moral of the person concerned but can also place the newspaper or magazine on a shaky ground. A well-researched story with proper evidence is what is most relished and appreciated by the audience.

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