Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

Since time immemorial, we humans have been dependent on mother nature for several reasons. Maybe for food, maybe for shelter. We humans have now mastered the art of fully utilising nature’s bounties. One such perk which nature offers and is still widely in use is the use of plants to treat ailments.

Unlike usual medicinal drugs that only try to target certain ailments, these medicinal herbs fix several problems all in one go!

Let’s take Aloe vera as an example. It’s not only used to treat burn marks but to treat rashes, redness and even pimples.  Very often doctors suggest the consumption of aloe vera to treat the side effects of radiation. Yes! Aloe vera is often used as a substitute to treat the side effects of fatal diseases! Best part being, this plant can either be eaten or applied externally.


Do you ever wonder, of the benefits plants render?

Any pain in  your  joints, can be fixed with some lavender oil.

And if you’re running out, you always have some thyme!

With the smoke and dust of this era

Your immunity can be strengthened, with some aloe vera

Available are a variety of gels and creams

Make sure to mix it all with some neem 

Just spread it on the marks across

and your skin will never be at loss!


1. They are all natural remedies so no side effects as opposed to those made by pharmaceutical companies that only aim at making profit.

2. They are often readily available with no one charging you exorbitant prices for it.

3. You can also grow them in your garden.

4. Effectives with chronic conditions. Herbal medicines tend to be more effective for long-standing health complaints that don’t respond well to traditional medicine.

5. And if you are ever hungry, you know what to do with them! 😉

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