Management Development System

Management Development System

Management development aims at improving individual and organisational performance through a learning process ; thus , organisations tend to give individual mangers greater opportunities for learning , comparing to other employees.

The management development system(MDS) concept is not only to contribute to the development of individuals in an organisational context , but also to address their personal dimension. An management development system approach should thus be based on a win – win relationship between employers and their managers.

Thus , development is often regarded not so much as finality in itself than as a mean that allows for :

  • An increase in the manager`s employ-ability (both internally and externally )
  • An adoption of the company to the new socio-economic trends it is subject to , so that it may better face and anticipate change .
  • An increase in the company`s productivity and competitiveness that should enhance its durability .

In an ideal organisation , development should rely on three strongly interdependent concepts that make up the base of every HR development policy :

  1. Management Development (MD)
  2. Management by Objectives (MBO)
  3. Training / Development plans .

Management Development has a significant importance in enhancing the managerial effectiveness of organisations by improving individual managers and overall managerial capacity . It should begin with a proper needs assessment mechanism to address managerial weakness and areas of improvement .

Management development could be achieved through education by means of gaining an academic degree in management , management training programs , and on the job techniques and experience .On the job experience such as coaching , mentoring and action learning are likely to be practical techniques for management development . Coaching and mentoring are better used to improve the performance of current managers / team of managers and transfer expertise from a senior manager to a junior one respectively . On the other hand , action learning appears to play an important role in collective learning by a set of mangers in order to jointly solve organisational problem .

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