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Management heads and senior people those who are involved in the process of decision making in a corporate house must understand and should also keep a passionate attitude towards people and environment around them.  People and business are the two that do hand in hand. If business people will take environment as an important factor in each and every business decision that they take for the firm. This will create good wishes from people around them and this will give the corporate a benefit of long term profit. Secondly it will give them a support of local people will strengthen the firm. This reflects a visible respect from own countrymen and that of the Govt. It strengthens the business too. All firms wish to be recognised and rewarded for their good work even thou its main objective is to gain profit. This is the reason why CSR in my organisations is known as the human face of trade. Anything that takes a human face creates a space for appreciated. Thus all the corporates that undertake CSR activities are very much appreciated and recognised by the people.  CSR is a spiritual aspect of trade. Unfortunately many leaders and their organisations do not realise this.

Somebody well said people who value others smile are the happiest people, same goes for our corporates, if they will  think about the people and do something for them the organisation will become a place to enjoy and platform for the nations real progress.

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