Major CSR activities


Corporate social responsibility has become an essential task for every company these days whether it is a small scale industry or big scale industry. For this firms conduct events like medical camps, scholarships, SHGs, sports events like marathons etc. Some corporates are actively working on disability and street children. These are usually time bound projects or these are undertaking with the supports of some NGOs. Companies mostly invite Govt authorities and people in masses in such programs to grace the occasions and also to establish their visibility in the public and to maintain a strong brand value in the eyes of the people.

Organisations are careful about their ethical expenditures. They are also careful about sustainability of the projects and organisation. Now a day’s CSR is looked upon as a strategic approach towards the management of the risks that can occur from the end of local people’s resentment. When there is resentment in the people of a Government, Media and political parties usually get aware of this trouble in the relationship of people and the corporates. Thus a situation of pressure and conflict arises. To meet these situations all of them try to meet the situations and solve it through different means. In these two major problem solving approaches are usually observed. First is to calm down the reaction of Government and media agencies by applying both legal as well as the illegal means. The second one is fulfilling the needs of people through negotiation and philanthropic approaches.

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