It’s a secret : Transparency in offices

It's a secret

To ask for transparency in businesses and offices is a risk you take on your own! And I say this not just to retaliate against the purely theoretical fact that “The greater the transparency, better the justice”, no! There are many things better kept secret. Wondering what they might be?

Your boss’ pay-check for a starter, or how much bonus did one of your extremely hard working colleague earn. Take it from an expert, it is better if you don’t know. Because once you know something, you cannot help but react. An average human’s reaction to the above stated suggested mysteries would be to gossip and condemn out of spite, envy and misery.

While experts might believe that transparency builds trust and lets you down not easily but bluntly, I may beg to differ. What these theories instate are ideal principles, that if you knew how much your competition is getting extra, you’d gear up. Or if you realized the monetary worth of being your own boss, you’d be motivated.

Do these things actually happen? A few might say yes and the rest might say no while most are unaffected by the recent turn of events. While I agree that transparency promotes truth and credibility, I am also of the opinion that secrecy has its own mystical enigma and gives everyone the benefit of doubt. But you might not want to get your hopes very high, we all know- The higher you get, greater is the fall.

Apart from theories, observations, experiments and words of wisdom, it’s the HR department’s decision at the end of the day. And whatever it might be, we have to suck it up and live with it. Not to say we might not enjoy it at all. But TBH, some things are better left unsaid.

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