Evil HR mistakes!

Evil HR mistakes!

All throughout your life you’ve heard all about the hard work that HR department has to put up and how benevolent and considerate they are, not to forget their utmost importance in every industry. But it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. HR has been condemned by the masses for the worst of the mistakes. And they’re much more ridiculous and outrageously dictating than you can imagine.

Here are 6 mistakes made my HR departments all over the world that will leave you thinking, “What even!?” :

  1. Literally #1- Not only is the criteria for “Best employee” unexplained or vague or has impossible standards, it’s the least of people’s worries. In an organization of a thousand workers, only a handful actually give two craps about whose picture is on the wall this month.
  2. Sick (no) leave- It’s not exactly the employee’s fault that he/she fell ill during important days. Desperate times call for desperate measures but a few projects are not worth initiating an influenza epidemic! Let the sick soul rest.
  3. Not so dressy code- Stitch-level dress policies are not just infuriating and degrading, you cannot help but wonder if it’s violation of personal space. Fashion police emergency!
  4. No pictures please- You may be appalled by the fact that many offices prohibit any personal decorative items in employees’ cubicles. It’s said to disturb the workplace aura and calls for unwanted comfort and attention. Ok. But I happen to have a really cute dog!! L
  5. Your aunt died? Sad! Proof?- Bereavement leave policies are as despicably inhuman as it can get. It’s sad enough that your family member died, now you have to bring funeral evidence to get paid-leave. Holy mother of God!
  6. No references- You worked hard and remained loyal to your institute for a period of a few years and yielded monetary profits. But now that you’re leaving for good, your boss who was once all over you will not give job references to you. Why? Even I don’t know exactly how this promotes allegiance!

Ah! Why, oh why did you betray us HR?

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