IT Upgradation

IT Upgradation – How a strong IT can form the backbone of success of the organization


IT (information technology) is growing with the time. Computer science and the mobile technology is changing the world from traditional process to a smarter way. Technology is inviting people to grow with IT and make the life easier. From the morning to till night 24 hour is surrounded by IT. Everything is possible with the help of it. Our food, clothes, study materials, income, water supply, electricity etc all are now depending on IT. Without IT no organization wants to perform its business process. But here the point we have to think that is , IT is not stable: means it is not constant. It is changing its structure and process time to time to give much more benefit to the society.
Just take one example of our some few days before all people learned how to use ATM and money transaction through debit and credit card. They learned as the process like inserting the ATM card and giving password pin. After successfully giving the pin the transaction can be possible. But now many banks introduced voice recognition, face detection, finger print, and other updated facilities. So we can say they upgraded their system. It is done because of the help of IT. Similarly Microsoft the master of computer operating system also upgrades the operating system time to time. example : win 98, win 2000, win 2003, win xp , win vista , win 7, win 8, win 9, and win 10. So according to that all organization and people also trying to upgrading their system to get better service and good features.

So what is IT up gradation?

IT up gradation involved in actively update the software as well as hardware for the activity of new features, applications and new software installation. Every sector is up grading their system to give best output.

How IT up gradation done and what is the benefits?

We can say it by taking one simple example: few year back when we were using windows XP operating system that time the RAM ( Random Access Memory ) of our system was 256 mb RAM as average. But now in market we can get 3gb RAM as an average and also system available to upgrade it to 16gb. It is because the application software needs more primary memory due to having more features. so gradually the R&D department of all company provide the up gradation to the company.

One more example we can take : time to time as per the need engineers are making new software , suppose we can take one software that is SAP ERP. This is around 250GB. The hardware requirement for this software is minimum 500 gb hard drive and 3 gb RAM to run the software without lagging. So the person, who wants to use it, must have to upgrade the system.

The benefit of up gradation:

1. Easy to use new features.
2. Get benefits from different application and software.
3. Easy to use new software because of upgrade.
4. Process must be faster than before.
5. Safe to use new application due to bug free.

Now the question is how IT up gradation helps in bringing opportunity for new business?

Case 1. When there is any upgrade by a company people excited to know about the new features. it is a good scope for the entrepreneurs to provide new features to the market so that people can get wish to buy new products. We can take one example: when android smart phone came to market everyone wanted to buy it and gradually it took maximum share of the market.

Case 2. When a software get upgrade, then all use need to upgrade it buy paying money to company or buy applying trail key. In this case we can take one example: adobe photoshop , which is a very well-known tool for editing photos, every time when company upgrade it , it adds new features. It is so exciting and people like to use it interestingly because new features can make the photo beautiful and give more graphics. So if one entrepreneur what to provide upgraded software to customers, it must be a good opportunity.

Case 3. We can see when software get upgrade it must affect to the hardware part too. Because for using good quality software there must be a good system configuration such as maximum primary memory, graphic card, sound card etc. So if the market is growing with the updated software there must be need of updated hardware too. So it will also make a new business opportunity.

So in this way IT up gradation give so much benefits and opportunity to the society, but it depend on the people who like to adopt the change with time or not. For getting maximum benefit from the IT , one must have to respect the changes.

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