Six easy ways to sell your product..

Six easy ways to sell your product well and become a better salesman

Way you sell your product is very important

Product its reflect the effort of  producer, firm , industry and the one who is involved in its marketing not only this but the effort of samll labour to big CEO . BUT what of your product fails to get customer … all your effort will be considerd a waste ..isn’t ..but wait , there are ways which can helo you to get market for your product .

In toays world with cut throat competition ..there are so many product which confuses the customer which one to buy .. this is the point your real work as seller begains . Highlight your product from others competitor .

these few points may help you to get the sale done :

1.Describe your product clearly and the service you offer.

  •  there should be no hidden cost and the prices should be mention adequately .
  • try to be specific and to the point.
  • try to give your customer  the detail information  about your product
  • be honest along with it speak the language of benefit

2. BONUS – in terms of free gift , to attract the custmour.

  • Everyone love bonus .It helps in building up  positive emotions around your brand. your customer  will feel  happy and a result  the customers will strongly connect these positive  emotions to your brand .
  • In order to make your customer happy .. attach some intersting gifts with your product like free brush with a toothpest , design some interesting package for your product .dding a sample  and using creative packaging system, along with this adding a funny note or an additional feature to your product  will make customer happy  and it might be useful to them.


3. Give clear and detailed information about your  shipping services or any other services.

  •  your customer may wants to know about  kind of  the costs and methods of shipping
  • reward the ones who spend more than an average customer with a free shipping.


4.Your terms and condition should be very much clear in your customer mind .

  • its very important to let your customer about your rule,make sure these rules are simple are simple, understandable and easily available to your customers so they do not have to spend time looking for them.
  •  inform your customer about payment rules and regulation ,taxes and refunds or membership programme.

5. Customer private information  should be properly maintained , in case if you are using it for your proffessional purpose .

  • nowadays  people are very careful about providing their personal data. so its very important for your customer to know where you are going to use their data .

6. See your past cutomer response for your product , which might helo you to forcast your future sale of that product.

  • its always good to prepare questionnaire about the favourable response of your customer .it will help you to forecast the sale of your product .

7. Let your customer know about credibility of your firm – brand and status in the market.

  •  always try to build  credibility from the very first day.let you customer know about your  legal  certificates, licenses or testimonials, show them your website.Build credibility from day number one.

8. At last , be reachable .. its very important in todays 4g world , where everything is just a switch away .

  • its very important for you to  let your customer to know the  correct name of your company  , contact details and time frames within which the customers may contact you.
  • social media this is something which helps you to stay in touch with your customer ,so do not forget to provide them  with the specific link.

conclusion :Try to make your custmour happy and satisfied .this is the real path which will make your product to get higher value in your customer eyes . Solid action plan is what tou requird to sell your product. Deliver your product on time without makinh any mistake .ry not to make  mistakes. If you show your customers loyalty, they will show you theirs. Your effort to highlight your product in the market will forsure give you the return ..all you need is convincing sellers with good way to handle your custmour look for the one who is well quallified instaed of hiring anyone with instead of job ..focus on quality of seller and then they will bring your custmour and your profit will raise high. All your efforts will definitely goin g to pay off in the long term.

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