Is there a python certification?

Yes, there are several Python Certifications to choose from. But, the only question is which one to choose? Because only the right certification will help you create an amazing career. So, before you move down in the overthinking lane. Let’s just stop you then and there only. No need to worry! Because in this article we’re going to take you through the drive which we will help you find the right Python certification.

As you know, technology is constantly evolving. Not to mention, the websites are also not the same. They have become much more complex with digitalization. But, most importantly we’re thankful for this upcoming new technology.  Because of it, web development has not only become exciting but challenging too. Therefore, it’s very important for a web developer to have different skill sets. Therefore, having a Python certification is a must.

Lastly, remember, technologies come and go.  But it’s essential to understand and get equipped with the hottest trend of programming languages and technologies. 

Top programming language Certification

Let’s take a look at the best programming languages of the year 2020. These are as follows –

  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript
  • R

As you can notice, Python tops the list. The reason being, it is widely accepted as the best programming language. Moreover, it is a fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language.  

Python is on its way to becoming the most popular programming language in the world. Not to mention, tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Uber are using Python to build their mobile as well as desktop applications. Moreover, 2019 concluded with Python as the fastest-growing programming language–with a more than 10% increase in the number of users. 

Well, we definitely have to agree that the future looks bright for Python. Furthermore, the language’s open-source community continues to develop innovative libraries with a wide array of applications. In addition, big tech and the world’s top Python development companies are using it to build cutting-edge data analytics software. Furthermore, it is changing the way businesses interact with their consumers.

Python’s Growing User Base

Python as a programming language has now made its way to several areas of web technology. In the same vein, Python users are increasing steadily. Moreover, this number continues to grow by more than 8% annually. In addition, Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey found that more software engineers are interested in learning Python than any other language.

The number of Python users is rising steadily over the past ten years and continues to grow by more than 18% annually. Since the developers across the globe continue to use the language. Hence, the number of users is likely to keep increasing. Also, with the increased use of Python language in data science.  We expect the user base will also grow outside of the traditional tech community. Nonetheless, nowadays video games, business software and the majority of web applications are built with the help of Python.

Future of Python

Python will stay as one of the most popular programming languages in the world for the foreseeable future. The language’s gentle learning curve, combined with its high degree of flexibility and wide array of plugins, will help it score even more users over the next several years, especially within big tech. Moreover, over the next several years, major companies are going to embrace Python software development. As they all want a  single full-stack language that can be used for the bulk of their development needs.

Reasons why Python is so popular

We can clearly notice the popularity of the language. But, have you ever wondered the answer to this? 

So, here is a list of all the features of Python language that make it so popular. Hence making Python certification way more important. So, let’s start with the list-

  • First thing first, Python is very easy to learn and use. Not to mention, it is developer-friendly.
  • Secondly, Python language is more expressive, that implies it is more understandable and readable.
  • Subsequently, Python is an interpreted language. As a result, interpreters can easily execute the code line by line which makes debugging easy. Thus, desirable among beginners.
  • Furthermore, Python can run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh, etc.
  • In addition, Python language is freely available, making it an open-source.
  • Moreover, Python is extensible. This implies that other languages can also compile the code easily. 
  • After this, Python not only has a large but broad library. Further, it offers a vast set of modules.
  • Lastly, Python can easily develop with Graphical user interfaces.

So the above list demonstrates all the features of the Python language. And, now let’s move on and learn all the skills required to learn the Python language and get certified easily.

Skills required to learn Python language

So here are a few skills that you need to acquire that will be beneficial in learning the language. Hence a profitable career So, let’s start-

  • First of all, you don’t need to understand each and every module. But, you must know the basics, involving the differences between Python 2 and Python 3.
  • Subsequently, understand that almost no project today starts from scratch. Most of them leverage an existing framework. Therefore, make sure to learn one of the common Python frameworks such as Django.
  • Furthermore, make sure you know how to connect an application to a database through an ORM instead of writing SQL.
  • Moreover, remember that the ability to correctly write and manage threads is key to developing high-performance applications.
  • Not to mention, learn how to use RESTful APIs. Because it is necessary to integrate your application with other components.
  • In addition, you must know how to package up code for release and deployment.
  • Last but not least, learn how to code front ends, too. As a result, you can contribute more to every project.

So, now that you know all the skills to acquire. Let’s Move ahead and get certified from a certification body that will lead to great career opportunities.

Which Python Certification to choose?

Certifications have found its way in almost every industry. The reason being, certifications are helpful to advance the career. Not to mention it allows candidates to evaluate their skills and knowledge. Moreover, these work as a recognition of their competency and shows your commitment towards your profession.

There are various certification bodies that offer certification in Python. Therefore, you may find various training institutes that offer the same. However, don’t get lured by them. Now, understand and keep this in mind that there are only a few who are widely accepted. So, make sure you make your choice wisely. In order to make things easier for you, we are providing you with the list of certification bodies that we highly recommend. Let’s get started then –

Vskills- India’s largest certification body

We highly recommend Vskills, as it is a certified Government body. Moreover, Vskills Python Developer Certification can help candidates to broaden their employment opportunities with their advanced skills. Thereby, resulting in higher earning potential.


Udemy with great market skills is known all around the globe. We are very certain that you must have a counter at least one Udemy advertisement for sure.


Intellipaat Is a leading certification provider. They offer training and coaching that will definitely be beneficial.


This is an American learning platform. They do provide some free courses. Moreover, they provide professional certificates.

After acquiring all the skills and earning the appropriate certification, your last step is to find a job. So, let’s get you hired!

Top-grossing Jobs for Python Developers

To begin with, Python offers a number of career paths to find amazing platforms to work on. So, here are a few job roles that you might find attractive for a great career ahead. 

Python Developer:The most direct job out there is Python developer

Product Manager: Product managers are accountable for researching new user features, find gaps in the market, and make an argument for why certain products should be built.

Data Analyst:You may not know this but many companies are looking for someone who can sift through large sets of data.  And, a common way to accomplish that is using Python libraries such as SciPy and Pandas.

Educator:Nowadays, nearly every university and coding Boot camp or any online coding tutoring platforms are in search of people who can teach Python. 

Data Journalist:Journalists who know Python are in great demand too. Because of their potential to quickly sort through information.

What Salary to expect?

Salary is the most attractive feature of the job for any applicant. Also, the salary for every profile depends on the skills and candidates’ past experience. So, the average salary in the US in 2020 is $120,365 per year. On the other hand, in India, an entry-level developer earns a minimum of 2.4L p.a. However, it also depends on the organization and the skill set possessed by the candidate too. 

In the same vein, on an average, an entry-level Python developer earns about Rs500K (INR) in India and $88K.

Expert’s Corner

Python is an exceptionally solid and flexible language that has several different applications. And, on top of that, it is very welcoming to newcomers. So, if you wish to plan for a long programming career then Python Certification would be the last step to achieve your dream job. So, make sure to get certified from a valid certification body. 

Enrich and Enhance your profile become a Certified Python Developer with expert guidance and real-time exam questions Now!

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