Is angular Easy to Learn

Is angular easy to learn?

The answer to the question- Is angular easy to learn, totally depends on your knowledge and learning of JavaScript. So if you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, it would be easy for you to sail through. But are not well versed with your basics then indeed learning Angular will be an uneven hilly patch for you.

Now before you start learning Angular first make sure to learn at least the basics of JavaScript will prove to be beneficial for you. This is because it will help you to a great extent in learning the concepts of Angular.  So, let’s first understand what Angular is all about?

Purpose of Angular

Angular is a Javascript Structure that developers use for building web, desktop, and mobile applications. Angular application development uses Typescript, which is a superset of Javascript, along with HTML, CSS, etc. The code written in Typescript computes to Javascript and you can render this in the browser. For building web applications Angular is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks. There are many popular versions of Angular till the date. Such as — Angular 1 which is also known as AngularJS, followed by Angular 2, which was succeeded by Angular 4, Angular 5 and so on.

Angular and its Functionality

Learn Angular

Angular supports Single Page Applications

Web applications loading a single HTML page are the single page Application type. And the page gets updated dynamically as per the interaction of the user with the web app. Single Page Applications are abbreviated as SPAs. They can communicate with the back-end servers without refreshing the full webpage, for loading data in the application. Since no one likes to wait too long for reloading the full webpage. So, SPAs are better at providing better user experience. It supports the development of SPAs and thus is worth learning.

Two-way data binding

In Angular >=2.x, the two-way data binding implements using the ngModel directive. The foremost benefit of the two-way-data binding is almost automatic retrievals from the data store. The UI gets update immediately, with the update in the data store.

Modularity in Angular

Modularity can be though in Angular like the code is organized into “Buckets”. These buckets are known as the “modules” in the Angular. The application’s code is segmented into several reusable modules. A module has related pipes, components, directives, and services grouped together. Thus combine these modules together to create an application.

There are several benefits of Modules. One of them is lazy-loading. This means to load one or more application features and it can be loaded on demand. Also if utilized properly it can increase the efficiency of an application a lot.

Reduced Coding

Almost every web-developer would want to write a short but effective code. Angular supports Model View Controller (abbreviated as MVC) architecture where the developer has to just split her/his code into the MVC structure. And rest is taken care of by the rest is taken care of by Angular. Hence, there is no need to write the MVC pipeline.

Declarative User Interface

Angular utilizes HTML to define the user interface of an application. If you see and calculate HTML is intuitive, declarative, and less complex than Javascript. In a declarative user interface, the presentational logic is separated from the imperative logic. One needs not to be concerned about the program flow and the order of loading of components on the webpage. We can simply- define the page layout- then make it clear about the data is being bound also what it is being bound to. Moreover Angular will take care of the rest.

Easy Integration

Angular integration already pre-built into several frameworks e.g. Wijmo, Ionic, Telerik’s kendo, etc. Thus third party integration features is easy with the Angular. So, if you want to add some High-quality user interface components. You simply do it by using any of the above-mentioned frameworks.

  • Web applications: Angular can be utilized for web development. Also, from Angular 5 onwards, progressive web applications are being developed. Such applications have high performance and have the capability to work offline as well.
  • Native mobile applications: These native mobile applications can be built using Angular.
  • Desktop applications: for Mac, Windows, and Linux Angular can be used to create desktop-installed applications.


Also, angular can get in use to make any of the following types of applications including the Guardian, PayPal, Upwork, Netflix, YouTube for PS3, Lego, Freelancer, Weather, JetBlue and iStock Photo.

Angular is in huge demand in the market, this has increased employment rate for people who are skilled in the Angular.

Preparation Guide: Learn Angular

With the increase in the Angular framework’s popularity, the demand for Angular developers is also rising day by day. A lot of associations are looking for candidates who can develop web applications.

Tutorials for Preparation

There are various sources available that provide you with beneficial Angular Learning Tutorial that can help you a lot in understanding the exam concepts. Moreover, it will guide you step by step in understanding the various frameworks and techniques to acquire the required skills.

Joining Groups and Forums

This means that you can also register to some groups or communities and discussion forums where you can share your issues or queries with the experts. Similarly, there are some question-answers sites such as Quora, Stack Overflow which will help you in the same.

Practice Test and Mock Series

When it comes to practice set or mock series, you may come across various websites offering free practice tests on Angular. Also, you may refer these websites to keep you self updates as well as keep your skills in check. Start Practicing Now!

Benefits of using Angular in Web Applications

  • Primarily angular modifies the page DOM directly instead of adding inner HTML code which is faster.
  • Secondly, data binding does not occur on each control or value change (no change listeners) but at particular points of the JavaScript code execution. That dramatically leads to performance improvement, as a single bulk Model/View update replaces hundreds of cascading data change events.
  • Then there is no need to use observable functions. Angular analyzes build the bindings based on the Angular-specific element attributes and the page DOM. That requires less writing, meaning the code is cleaner, easier to understand, and has fewer errors.
  • Next there are extended features such: as dependency injection, routing, animations, view encapsulation, and more are available.
  • Also, it is supported by IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio .NET IDEs.
  • Subsequently, it is supported by Google and a great development community.
  • Therefore, Angular is a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development. So, it does not need any other plugins or frameworks.
  • Lastly angular is unit testing ready, and that is one of its most compelling advantages.

Which version of Angular should you learn?

Since we know the AngularJS is pretty different from the Angular 2, 4, 5, etc. Still, many companies prefer the Angular2 or higher version of the Angular. Both the Angular 2 and 4 are the good choices for the development of enterprise applications with high standards for code reliability. However, Angular 4 applications are smaller than Angular 2 applications and use TypeScript version 2.2. Hence you may learn the base of the Angular first. So start with the Angular JS and Angular 2 then gradually move towards the latest versions of Angular to have a strong grip over the complete Angular.

Therefore considering the huge advantages of using Angular and a massive demand for this skill in the market, it is surely advisable to learn the Angular.

How one can learn the Angular?

First, if you are already working on any one of the JavaScript frameworks with a decent proficiency in Object Oriented Concepts of JavaScripts. So it will take 2 to 4 weeks in an office project environment.

On the other hand for a fresher with no experience in JavaScript, it may take around 3 months. To become a professional mainly because of the fact that AngularJS seems to be simplifying a lot of Object-oriented problem statements. Still, it has many pot-holes open for the developer to fill to use the structure/framework for the optimum solutions.

For Instance: You should know where and when to use directives, factories, services, and other features and use them with intricate expressions in your code.

You can take training and the most trending method these days is earning the certification. You can get yourself enrolled for the available certification courses in the market. There are numerous certification bodies like- Edureka, Udemy, Vskills- India’s largest certification body, Simplilearn, etc.

Top certification bodies

Vskills- India’s largest Certification Body: Vskills is offering 300+ courses under different domains. In this Angular Developer Certification Courseyou will learn all the required skills necessary to become a successful Angular Developer. As Angular Developer is in tremendously in demand & Companies specializing in websites and web-based application testing are constantly hiring knowledgeable Developers. Thus, there are several web development and software organizations in need of Angular Developer for making dynamic web-applications.

Edureka: provides comprehensive courses in cloud computing, Application development, and other technologies, etc.

Simplilearn: provides open online courses. With a variety of topics, it serves you with the required study content.

Latest versions of Angular

So, let’s have a brief Introduction Of All the available Angular Versions


Its official name is AngularJS, but some developers also refer to this as Angular 1. Based on JavaScript it is a front-end and open-source web application framework. It utilizes HTML as a template in this framework. In AngularJS, the data and expression are merged to create an expressive environment for developing web applications quickly.

It uses the controller approach where the view communicates using a $scope.

Angular 2

This is the next version of AngularJS. But the basic thing to remember here is that it was not a typical update. Angular 2 is basically a complete rewrite of its coequal. Also, it uses the component-based approach. The use of Angular 2 in developing HTML and JavaScript Web apps is common.

Angular 4

It is a typescript based open-source and front-end web app development framework. Although Angular 4 is the successor of Angular 2 still it is not a complete rewrite. While both versions use the same patterns and concepts. This one comes with some advanced level features like- smaller and faster apps, animation package, use of AS keyword and so on.

Angular 5

This one is more advanced and has more enhanced features than of Angular 4. One of the best features of Angular 5 is that it aids developers in the removal of unnecessary codes from their applications.

While the other improved features are a code-sharing feature, less time for assembling dynamic web applications, and so on. Also, in addition, it has DOM support, and its compiler helps with incremental compilation.

Angular 6

The improvements in this version are even better. Angular 6 has been written to prefer web parts that are a part of most cutting-edge browsers. So, with this, you can make an Angular web component and use it in various HTML pages later.

Learn Angular – Experts Corner

With the help of the Angular framework, the web app development process has become quite easy and secure. Even the applications have become highly scalable, flexible, and secure. Also, it is easy to upgrade to any version of Angular.

Of course, many developers globally still use AngularJS. But by migrating to other versions, you can yield some benefits that it doesn’t provide. To conclude, every version has something to offer, and as a developer, you have to move on to bigger and better things. So Is angular easy to learn? the question can be answered well.

Get ready to boost your learning and become a qualified Certified Angular 7 Developer.

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