Indian consumer market is grossly under branded?

Indian consumer market is grossly under branded

Do you feel that the Indian market is grossly under branded, what is your take on that?

Have you ever felt that how many premium Indian brands are a part of our daily course of life? ,  if we reflect on that we feel astounded and a bitter truth is deciphered

Ever since the independence, we have seen foreign brands ruling the roost, plummeting our currency , elevating inflation, and keeping the economy sluggish ,

With the advent of technology ,there has been a paradigm shift in every segment of the economy, new sectors have evolved ,new lifestyles have emerged, new businesses have flourished, but if one looks at the instances of the number of brands created ,one will see a dismal figure, very few organisations have taken up the initiative to create brands ,the ones that are existing are either hollow in terms of a brand idea or have been borrowed from the international market, and therefore often lack a real connection with our country

However, over these years the desire to communicate through brands among the consumers have mushroomed a lot, the new Indian needs brand to articulate his dreams, hopes and yearnings, but the new Indian is handicapped by the limited brand vocabulary available to him, this is because marketers have failed to comprehend the Indian consumer market, they have always adopted a conventional approach that if  the  American economy or the Japanese economy were at a similar stage in their sixties they too would have behaved in the similar manner as Indian consumers are out rightly doing and pining for new products

Brands are a product of imagination , it is an idea ,if translated properly can fire a customer’s imagination, each brand needs to be developed on a fresh canvas

There are  host of opportunities in the Indian consumer market , it all depends upon your brand ,your marketing strata, as to how well does it resonate with the punters

It is a common ideology, which we get to see and feel in everyday life that Indian brands are generally perceived to be of either poor quality or they don’t have that much of glitter to exude the status of an individual ,who wants to portray his so called attribute” standard” by means of conspicuous consumption

If you are not wearing a designer label, then you are not popular and well, ‘modern‘. People have started to absurdly correlate confidence and charisma to international brands. People who adorn a Versace or a Prada are “refined“.
Everyone is   very keen on following the herd mentality but very reluctant to follow their own intellect, and make pragmatic decisions

Are you courageous enough to consume Indian brands, it’s a big gamble, but at the end of the day you realise that you are ‘Home’

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