Impact of Technology in Everyday Life

Impact of Technology in Everyday Life


The most revolutionary change in India has been the rise of Information and Technology.  The IT revolution has bought about a huge change in India. From the way one lives to the way one works, Technology has shown a great impact on every aspect. Technology is applied to the roles each individual fulfill during life.
Technology has affected almost each and every sector in India. Gone are the days when one had to stand for hours in queues for train tickets. Nowadays, with everything becoming computerized, the online reservation facility has eased things many folds. Now one can, with great ease, book the tickets from anywhere without having to worry about standing in the never ending queues. This has made the ticket reservation system more systematic as it has minimized the misusers and the errors.  Not only for train ticket reservations, but these computerized facilities have provided us with a feature of online booking of tickets for movies, various events etc. Technology has also shown its effect on one’s lifestyle. Online shopping sites have made shopping easy. Without having to worry about going from shop to shop, one can easily find several brands under one site. These have made shopping possible for the people for whom it is not possible to go places. These people include old-age people, physically challenged people and so on. These days, even grocery shopping has been made available online. Various software’s available for creating animations and graphics have shown an increase in their use for creating advertisements. Several agencies use several statistical software packages for data analysis and interpretation. This has hence reduced the use of manual analysis of data. Technology has also affected the medical sector of India. The hospitals in India have accepted and taken up these applications. They are now equipped with the modern technologies which has reduced the occurrence of mistakes on their part. They even maintain the record of each of their patients, their name, age, sex, height, previous medical history and so on in their respective databases to provide necessary information about the treatments to be taken up for the respective patients. Pharmaceuticals and medical stores also keep the records of each and every medicine they have bought to sell. They maintain information such as name, quantity, expiry date, contents and so on in their systems and hence can easily order the medicines whenever their quantity is just about to finish. Technology has also shown its effects on the education sector where the studying modes have also been improved. The introduction of smart classes, using videos and presentations to teach, which provide live visuals for various topics, has made it much easier for the students to grasp the concepts. The modern technology that supports individual learning has made it simple for students to learn on their own. The availability of online books and references allow the students to study various subjects and download dictionaries and guides without having to carry the burden of several books. Even the banking firms now provide the facility of performing transactions online and hence have reduced the need to go up to the bank for same. Earlier it was very difficult living in one place to send money to their family or friends easily living somewhere else. However with the latest improvements in the IT field, one can easily send this money online. With the more and more social networking sites evolving these days, it has made it easier for people to interact with their colleagues, friends and so on. This has proved to be beneficial especially for various business firms that can now easily interact with their customers.
Technology simplifies life in so many ways and everyone defines technology in their own ways. To some it means complicated devices, to other it means the radical changes aimed at improving their lifestyle. However, the impact of Technology is unmeasurable and it in a harms the societies as well. The introduction of new technologies in companies means introduction of new machines and sometimes these machines may replace several employees. Already many workers have been eliminated and many work categories and job assignments have shrunk, restructured or disappeared. This pattern has been observed throughout the industrial world and many developing countries are facing such technological unemployment as companies in such nations build high-tech production facilities, letting go of many cheap labourers who can no longer compete in cost efficiency, quality control and speed of delivery achieved by the automated manufacturing. In key sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and services machines have replaced the human labourer. Also, increased dependencies on tools such as calculators have reduced our creativity as well. Using calculators to even solve very simple equation affects the way one uses their mind. On one hand, technology has given to us many equipments that reduce human effort and are of great use, then it has, on the other hand, also given us many modes which are more than enough for destruction. Nowadays, video games are the newest trends and children, in their growing age, spend their time on such games rather than going outside and playing. The virtual world is becoming more of a reality to them. This has not affected their health, but has also led them into social isolation. Also lack of physical exercise has made people vulnerable to many harmful diseases. Although Technology has shown its impact in majorly all parts of our life and is proved to be very advantageous as well, we need to command ourselves so that we don’t become overly dependent on them.


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