I can say NO. Can you?

I can say NO. Can you

Sometimes in life all of us face a dilemma. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between the right and the wrong- you know what the right thing to do is, but you find it hard to say ‘no’ to the wrong thing.
Sometimes, it’s hard to refuse a friend or family of a small favor. And just sometimes people are too gullible to say no.

What does it mean to say no?
Everyone says that we’ve to leave our comfort zone one day or the other, that we need to come out of the nutshell. But does that mean saying yes to everything and everybody?

We could beginning by citing a very common example- you have a friend who has a very notorious reputation of not returning back a borrowed book. He asks you to lend you one. You’re too good a friend to say no. But is this a wise choice, knowing he has a past history of refusing to adhere to the deal?
Does it always have to be books? Couldn’t it be bigger things, like money, or jewelry or other valuable stuff? This is where we need to learn to say no.

Moving on to bigger things- we all know what peer pressure is. And we all know what peer pressure means today. We want to be liked by everyone, and we go beyond limits to make that happen.
We all want to fit in, and we do things we don’t like just so we could be the part of the ‘group’.
We try things we haven’t tried before alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and the like.
We think if we say no, we won’t be part of the clique anymore, or they’ll make fun of us, or we’ll be termed cowards.
While it is true that it is important to go over and beyond our comfort zone to achieve growth, it is also important to know what our limits are, when to say no and when to be firm about it.

Let us now consider the worst case scenario, the biggest of all the three issues- a girl dates a boy, he claims to be in love with her, and, for convenience, let us assume that he genuinely does love her, and vice versa. One fine day, however, in the spur of the moment, he asks the girl for some inappropriate pictures of her- pictures not meant for anybody in the world. The girl gives in because she loves him, and is scared that he might break up with her.
But is her self respect, her dignity and her pride more important than the relationship?
Girls, you need to know when to firmly say no.
Guys, you need to know that it is a no when she says so.

They say life demands you to be your own hero. Say no, and be the hero of your life.
They say we are responsible for our safety. Yes we are, say no and save yourself from bad influences.
They say it’s our life, we make the decisions. That is what i say too- Don’t say yes because he/she is your friend. Don’t say yes because you want to fit in. Don’t say yes for keeping the love.
Say no because you know it is the right thing to do!

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