How to be “Man: a social animal”?

How to be

As far as I remember, it was the 3rd or 4th grade onwards when we often were told that man is a social animal. When explained further, we were told that men live in a society, with each other, hence they are social animals.
But what does it take for a person to be social? Are there any rules of interacting? Are there any do’s and don’ts’ in society?
The answers to these questions bring us to what is called the Social Etiquette.
Social Etiquette are accepted behavioral norms that we need to learn.
One may now ask why are social etiquette so important, especially in times of YOLO, and ‘my life my rules’.
It is a basic human nature that makes a person create an impression (first impression, as we call it) or an image of every person he/she meets. This impression depends a lot on the way a person conducts himself or herself. A good conduct, a good behavior along with intelligence and a good personality makes a person friendly in a gathering.
Social etiquette are important for this reason- following these set of rules make you stand out in the crowd (as a well-mannered person) as well as help you merge in your surroundings comfortably. They help you create a good first impression on the people, and reflect the kind of upbringing you have had.
Moreover, a person who is well mannered and polite makes everyone in his company feel comfortable. He can make himself seem approachable, and can hold conversations better.

While we all know the general behavioral norms, here are some things we don’t often think of:

Our etiquette is reflected in so many small actions which we probably don’t even realize.
When we see someone getting their photograph clicked in any public space, sometimes we tend to pass by them, thus interrupting their picture by coming in the way. We should avoid doing that, either by walking the longer way around, or by waiting for them to get clicked.
It is only polite to ask them, instead, if they want you to click all of them in the same frame, instead of rudely ruining their moment.

It is very often that we run into people when we’re rushing at crowded places. It is also very often that we simply sneer at them or curse silently and walk away. But what good manners require us to do is to stop and apologize to them, while checking that they’re okay.

When travelling in public transport, it is often very important to maintain a safe distance from people, so that you don’t invade into their personal space, or their comfort zone.
Moreover, we should always be willing to offer our seat to someone who seems unfit or uncomfortable in standing.

Another habit that we’ve all very conveniently adopted is that of running fashionably late. Not only is that inefficient, but also a rude gesture towards your host.
In case there is something holding you back, you should, in well advance, inform your host of not being able to come, or being late. “Fashionably late” is so out of fashion today!
While at a party, it is only polite to moderate your use of phones for pictures or videos. Enjoy your time with the people you meet, instead of just snapping away the moments, because just as they say- create memories, not pictures.
Another important thing to remember is that while holding a conversation with someone, make sure you’re not the only one doing the talking. Have the patience to let other people speak.
Don’t bluntly disagree to their point of view, but subtly make your point.

In this age of social media, direct interaction has stooped down to very rare occasions. However, even social media requires you to follow some etiquette.
If there’s something personal you have to converse about, avoid social media. Call, or meet up the person instead.
Personal issues are best talked about in person.
Avoid using short-forms for every word in the English dictionary. Not only is it an insult to the language, but also gives a more arrogant front to your message.
Avoid using your phones or tablets during social occasions, especially during meals with your family.

These are very minute actions, but can end up speaking thousands of words for your conduct and personality, adding a kind of charm that even the most expensive of garments cannot!


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