Psychological Taboos In India

Psychological Taboos In India

“I woke up one morning just feeling empty you know like this pittish feeling in my stomach that I was telling them that I get this pittish feeling in my stomach. I woke up like feeling directionless, I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t know what to do and I had these bouts of feeling so low that I would just start crying at the drop of the hat.”

This was the description of the depressed state that Deepika Padukone went through and through which many of us go through but are afraid to admit thinking what people would think. There is so many stigmas attached to the psychological disorders that the person refuses to accept it and hence does not want to tell his problems to anyone.

A person having some sort of mental illness is already going through an emotional turmoil and is not able to identify the source of it and his different behaviour. On top of it, most people instead of understanding his problem say that “It’s all in your head.” People need to understand that the person did not choose this. It’s an illness just like any physiological disorder like fever or headache and can be cured with proper medication and patience.

In fact in many regions of India mental disorders are still explained as supernatural stuff. People go to ojhas and treat patients by conducting various pujas, chaining them and beating them with thick chains. And this is not done only by illiterate people. Many literate people also believe in such things. And not only they treat the person badly during the illness but also after the person has been cured he is not accepted and treated differently by the society. It’s high time that we get over our own psychological disorder of treating these people differently and start seeing mental disorders as a normal disorder. The step taken up by Deepika, to speak up openly about what she went through, is praiseworthy and hopefully will change the minds of many people.

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