How to get an Automation Functional Testing job as a Fresher

How to get an Automation Functional Testing job as a Fresher?

Generally, big software organizations hire freshers as software engineers. Freshers are assigned to roles as per their skills and project requirements. Assignment as software engineer for software development or software tester for software testing. Software companies have separate software testing and development teams.

But one can also find job for automation tester as fresher. For a fresher manual testing is fine. And, later one can upgrade his skills. Brush up your automation testing concepts and search on net, you will find one with matching requirements. Thus, freshers should focus on automation testing concepts first.

Usually, start-Up companies do not have separate testing teams. Employees perform multiple functions at the same time. But, you can also be a part of startup, with right skills. Start-up companies give importance to skills. Start-ups offer huge opportunities for learning, and multiplicity in roles due to their workload

Here are a few tips to help you get through your journey in finding your dream job as an automation tester.

Why Automation Functional Testing job is a good career choice?

If we talk of testing then yes the success of any software projects and products is highly dependent on their fast deliveries. Every business demands that the software changes must involve bug fixes, enhancements, and new features must be rolled out to productions more rapidly. This is why every software running company as well as non- software companies are adopting Automation testing as if the life of their work depends on it

In the development process, testing is the most important phase. It ensures the hardware and software functionality of the product as per the expectations or somewhere near the target performance, and smoothens out the bugs. However, some tasks are too tedious to be done manually even though they are easy enough to do. This is where automated testing comes in.

The key advantages to automated testing include:

  • Firstly by making testing more efficient it saves time and money
  • Secondly it improves testing accuracy compared to testing directed by humans
  • Then increases test coverage because multiple testing tools can be deployed at once allowing for parallel testing of different test scenarios
  • Also, helps developers by finding bugs and errors more quickly

Skills required for Automation Functional Testing job

In the software world, with new age project development methodologies like DevOps and Agile, etc. gradually replacing the old-age waterfall model. Thus, leading to an increase in the demand for automation testing.

Now Testers are now working together with the developers and automation testing is enormously replacing manual testing in many ways. So, if you’re new to automation testing domain then the organization that just hired you would expect you to be quick and present ideas out of the box, be able to detect the bugs and deliver solutions which are rarely though so far by anyone. But now the question arises that with just basic knowledge of testing? What are the skills required to become a successful automation tester? Let’s just figure out.

Skills required for Automation Functional Testing job

Skill for Automation Tester

Programming Languages-

Having a little background in programming would be an added advantage. As it will not only simplify those automation scripts to you. But it will also help you to improve reporting with the developer. Not only that, but you can also participate on the in-depth functionality testing, once unit testing is completed. Now, there are 2 different aspects to achieve this skill for automation tester, and how much programming knowledge is required depends on your role and also where do you see yourself in the industry in coming years. The aspects are:

Designing the Frameworks

As a first thing you’re required to have a thorough understanding as well as coding skills in C#, Python, Java, Perl, SQL, XML as well as HTML and CSS. However, what language/s you should be proficient in depends on the programming language used by the developers in the project. For an instance if the project is on Ruby, then you should have at least basic knowledge behind the fundamentals of Ruby

Creating the Test Scripts

Now whether you should have the programming knowledge or not in this phase totally depends upon the automation framework used. Let’s say if your organization is using the Cucumber or SpecFlow for test automation, the scripts can be then written in English where you don’t have to think about the backend logic or coding. So only having sufficient knowledge on selenium web driver is enough, although if you’re using QTP or FTP then you should have a thorough knowledge of programming.

Excellent Manual Testing Skills

In order to become a skilled automation tester, you will be required to have a keen eye and experience in manual testing as well. Don’t forget the following:

The Human Perspective plays a vital role

Whenever something seems to be off while testing, the human eye can detect it easily. This is because visual issues are difficult to detect, using automation scripts. Contemplating software from the perspective of a real-time user helps the tester to identify UI and usability testing for finding bugs which actually is a difficult feature to program in an automation script.

Expertise With Automation Tools

In the era of Agile, the industry looks for both quality as well as speed. The stakeholders and clients across the globe expect the organization to deliver a good quality & bug-free application in a small time. This is why the automation testing is on the rise. Therefore being an automation tester, every organization would expect you to have enough knowledge and experience in the automation tools. Let’s discuss about the tools here:


Selenium has become a household name in the world of automation testing as it supports all major browsers. Almost all the browsers ensure that the Selenium is a native section of them. With the introduction of WebDriver- Selenium ensures there happen flawless execution of browser- based web application automation testing. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresher or an experienced test automation engineer. You should have an experience in selenium with sufficient knowledge. Also, it’s an open source tool, so if you are already working on any variant of Selenium then you will find LambdaTest to be a quite a promising platform for executing your automation scripts on the cloud. LambdaTest offers parallel test execution for an automation testing with Selenium on more than 2000 browsers with their online Selenium grid.


Formerly known as QTP, this tool by HP still leads the industry while ensuring smooth execution of automated functional and regression testing of an application. So, if you are a regression tester, then you should have the knowledge and experience, as well as certification in UFT.


This stands to be the perfect tool to test web services and API. It supports both SOAP and REST services and if your project demands automation testing of API. Then you should have knowledge on at least the open source version of this headless tool meant for functional testing.


Rational Functional Tester abbreviated as RFT is IBM’s in house developed automation tool. RFT supports.Net, Java, SAP, Adobe Flex, Visual Basic and Dojo irrespective of the technology type used for your application. So, if you are into functional or regression testing, you will find learning this tool to be highly useful.


In this current mobile first age, many organizations are developing complex mobile applications. Appium is the best open source software that makes automation testing a truth for any hybrid or native mobile app. Other than, it is compatible across all OS like Android, iOS or Windows and is must to learn if mobile application testing is your domain.

Apache JMeter

Originally, this tool was designed to measure the performance and load testing of an application. While in the current versions, this tool is also used for API performance and service testing. Being 3rd among the most popular automation testing tools, your organization will expect any skilled automation tester to have knowledge and experience on it. And even if you don’t have any experience, still you can start learning by yourself since the tool is an open source.

Includes education skills as well as job responsibilities and skills required for the job – certification, tutorials, tools and techniques

Tips on getting job easily

It’s a hard truth that you cannot get a job without experience while the irony is how to gain experience without a job. Our few tips get job easily can help you reach where you belong:

Educate yourself

First thing is to educate yourself well it doesn’t only counts your degrees. Take classes, attend workshops, get certificates and diplomas. There are numerous certification bodies offering courses for Automation testing. This will not only give you the knowledge but also an exposure to skillset required. Following are the few certification bodies:

Start working (your way up)

By this we mean to start gaining experience by working for little or say no money- this could be an internship or a virtual job. Go check for internship offered by start-ups this will not only help you secure some experience but also an in house exposure to the professional world of testing. Freelancing is another option or you may approach your contacts that have requirement for junior testers to assist them. In your spare time start your own blog and share your experience and knowledge through your words to the world. Assess by attempting free practice tests on Automation Functional Testing.

Strengthen your Network

References have always been the key, a very convenient way to get a job. For this you need to have a strong network so, flourish your network online and offline both. So, make sure you’re clear about your career as an automation functional tester, and be ready to step the elevator. Update your resume and along with that update and boost your LinkedIn profile.

Gain the expertise

To become an expert in your field, interact in forums, read blogs and join groups both online and offline. Make sure, you also know some key names in the business – online and offline; locally, nationally and even internationally. Learn everything that is there on the table about the industry and the job.

Pick people’s brains

People love to get the praise and called an expert or specialist in their certain fields. So, once you have counted the names in your head of those who you’d approach to get the required advice and knowledge on how to start. Learn and note all that you were unaware of don’t rush tings though. Show them your CV and get their views on the same and see if any changes are required to be made. Take their recommendations and apply accordingly.

Note* don’t pile their email inboxes with your CV make sure you establish a good connection first and inform them that you’re sharing your details with them to get their views.

Have a good story to tell

Be sure that you’ve a winning career story that will leave no doubts that you’re the perfect person for the position readily available in your domain. There will be thousands of questions which people may ask you so be prepared with clear and concise answers to those questions. This is the phase where you could impress the hiring manager with your passion and the right skillset.

Companies that Hire

There are many top companies hiring for the Automation functional testing jobs. Companies like- Amazon, Accenture, JP Morgan, Capgemini, etc. for their respective automation testing positions. There are different trending job positions for Automation Functional Testers. You may work as a Python Automation Tester, Automation, Performance Testing Engineer, Automation Testing (selenium), Automation Test Lead – Selenium Webdriver, etc.

There would be different roles and responsibilities as Automation testing involves a number of job roles.

What is the salary for Test Automation Engineer job?

You may expect a good salary working as an automation functional tester. But to expect a good salary need to show your knowledge and skills. Make sure you justify the role or position given to you as an automation functional tester.

Automation Functional Testing job salary as a Fresher

Job Interview Tips

Start your search with researching about the company and your interviewers. Be prepared with your answers to the common interview questions. Reread the job description till you’re totally familiar with the role and responsibilities of the job.

Make use of the STAR method in answering the questions. Enlist a few smart questions for your interviewers so, approach a friend to practice answering questions. Prepare a list of references and prepared with samples of your work. Also, plan your attire the night before the interview.

Bring copies of your resume, and a notepad and pen/s. Always arrive 15 minutes early to your interview schedule time. Make sure you make a great first impression.

Treat everyone you encounter with respect. Pay attention to good manners and body language a few days prior to your interview. Win them over with your authenticity and positivity. Most importantly answer truthfully to the questions asked. Strap your answers back to your skills and accomplishments. Keep your answers to the point i.e. concise and focused. Mind one thing never speak negatively about your previous employers.

Also ask about next steps involved. Send a customized thank you letter after the interview to your interviewer.

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