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How to get a BI Testing job as a Fresher?

This probably is not an easy question to answer. But we have enlisted a few ways to help you start with your BI Testing job search journey.

Why BI Testing job is a good career choice?

Let’s first understand what Business Intelligence (BI) is. It’s a process of gathering, analyzing, and transforming raw data into accurate, efficient, and meaningful information. This can be used to make wise business decisions and refine business strategy.

BI gives organizations a sense of second sight. The perception isn’t only isn’t fuelled by the metaphysical qualities, facts too are of great importance.

Business Intelligence testing initiatives assist companies to gain deeper and better insights so they can manage or make decisions based on hard facts or data. The way this is done has considerably changed in the present day’s market. What used to be offline reports and such is now live business incorporation.

This is great news for both businesses and users because –

  • Businesses know what is working and what is not easily
  • Better User experience with the software     

So choosing BI Testing as your career path can prove to be one of the best decisions of your life. As it has a great success potential. BI is a software collection used to support the decision-making process by analysts and managers.

Skills required for BI Testing job

Business Intelligence tools (BI Tools) are useful in identifying the customer behavior, improve the visibility and efficiency of a business. It helps in collecting data from the dynamic business environment and makes effective decisions. Here we will discuss BI and its significant effects and some BI tools to contrive it effectively.

Tools you must know!

Grow Tool

Grow is a cloud business intelligence platform that allows all users, to take control of their data and find actionable insights. Further, we discuss the features of the Grow tool .

Features of Grow Tool

  • Firstly, the tool has 115+ ready-made data connectors for commonly used systems
  • Secondly, tool has 20 different data visualizations for creating custom dashboards and telling your data story.
  • Next, it has unlimited user accounts.
  • Further, it is used for managing SQL and ready-made transforms, Simple user interface.
  • Also, Grow’s app, Slack integration, scheduled email sends, and permalinks are used to make sharing insights with the rest of your team simple.


Datapine is a powerful and easy-to-use BI software. Further we will discuss the various features

  • Firstly, it is fast & easy data connectors to integrate all common data sources in seconds
  • Secondly, it has an intuitive drag & drop user interface to build stunning data visualizations with a few clicks
  • Also, datapine has an advanced BI dashboards with modern and interactive dashboard features
  • Lastly, it has multiple reporting options including live dashboards, automated email reports, secure and customized viewer.

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin is a business intelligence platform. It is a single integrated solution specifically developed for companies across varying industries. Moreover, it also makes it easy to assess, monitor and understand data.

Features of Yellowfin BI

  • Firstly, you can ingress the dashboards from anywhere- web page, company intranet, wiki, or mobile device
  • Secondly, it offers mapping mobile BI like features assists user to access and monitor business-related data
  • Thirdly, it allows faster, smarter collective decision-making.
  • Also, through data-rich presentations and interactive reports the user’s insights can be made effective
  • Lastly, this BI tool also supports all business decision-making process

Get Ready to Certify!

Taking certification courses is as important as learning and understanding the tools/ software. The certifications are there to update your knowledge and improve your skill set. These days the employers prefer certified candidates even if you’re a complete fresher. The Internet world is full of certification bodies offering certification courses for BI testing, so go get yourself enrolled for the courses soon.

Here are a few vendors offering certification courses:

  • Vskills- India’s largest certification body
  • Udemy
  • Edureka

Tips on getting job easily

Finding job has always been challenging, but if you search right then it’s not that tough.

Look for relevant job postings online

Present scenario defines the job search starts with your click, with such a long list of job openings. There are several companies/organizations and public institutions posting their openings on their own official websites. There are different job portals offering a wide variety of job openings. Although not every position will be a great fit for you.

Check out sites like, LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed.

Be sure to pay attention to application deadlines and detailed instructions outlining how to apply. Also, don’t waste your time applying for jobs if the application deadline has already lapsed.

Don’t apply to endless available options

Only apply to the job opportunities that match with your skillset and experience. This doesn’t suggest that you need to be perfect for every aspect of the job posting. Although there is no harm in applying to a number of jobs, but rather wasting your time in clicking every “apply button,” utilize this time in preparing the cover letter for the limited but good opportunities.

Companies that Hire

We all want to get the best so when it comes to employment we look forward to the top companies. There are top companies like- Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, Oracle, etc. hiring for BI Testing positions. But before making to companies like these earn the required experience and skillset.

Always start from the base this will lead you to the top where you aspire to reach. There are small organizations or start-ups offering internships to help you start with the learning part and later they might offer you a job there. This will build your resume and add on to your experience which actually will take you to your dream companies.

Join online forums offering freelancing options and also unpaid internships. Mind one thing initially your motive should not be to earn just money. Earn the experience and gain the knowledge later this will make you earn in the desired figures.

Develop your knowledge about the software and tools involving BI Testing

Though, business intelligence tools may include a lot of industry-specific functionality. BI Tester is also aware of business domain peculiarities: This allows them to understand business requirements, implement proper data models, and data representation solutions. So, the responsibilities of s BI Tester:

  • First setting business requirements for BI tools;
  • Second translating business requirements into technical ones;
  • Third leading BI software development, deployment, and maintenance; report curation and data modeling;
  • Then participation in data warehouse design;
  • And documenting contents in a data warehouse and meta-data storage; and
  • Lastly creating technical documentation for BI tools.

What is the salary for BI Testing job?

When it comes to salary as a fresher the first thing comes to anyone’s mind is that “How much Should I ask for?” Being a fresher to the professional world just mind one thing don’t ever sound money minded. This is because the first job is very important and the letter of recommendation they’re going to issue would make a direct impact on your rest of the career. So make sure the experience goes well and you make a great place in the organization.

It doesn’t really mean to just surrender for whatever comes to you, be picky and try to negotiate but in a subtle manner. Always be polite to your hiring manager and also don’t set too high standards.

Job Interview Tips

Interview is the most important as well as crucial part of anyone’s job search. So it’s imperative to make the best out of it to relish its fruit later. Here are a few tips to help you make to your first job in your desired company:

Never forget to carry your resume to every interview you go

Have a hardcopy ready of your resume always while stepping for an interview.  This way you’ll save the employer/hiring manger’s time to look for your resume first thing. So, just pull your extra copy out and hand over it to your hiring manager.

Research the industry and as well company

This is the first thing any interviewer may ask you are about their organization. All about their company you may know or read somewhere. For this reason try to stick your search to the respective company only while preparing for the interview and not the whole industry. Also, if you are left with some spare time then you may look for the complete industry.

Try taking the full advantage of this “So, tell me about yourself” question

This “Tell me about yourself” could be the most probable beginning of any job interview. So are you prepared with the answer to this question? If not then please don’t start describing your family relations and all your hobbies and interest that you have. The interviewer has got zero level of interest in your family or personal details.

Score you success in the first five minutes

This is through experience any conversation be it an interview or meeting someone new the initial 5 minutes are the most crucial. This is because the interviewers do make up their mind with your hiring stratus in the first few minutes only. While the rest of the time they take to confirm their decision. So, what you should do in those first five minutes, to get through?

Expert Corner

Always show your energy and enthusiasm and never forget to express appreciation for the interviewer’s time. This is because s/he may be seeing a loads of resumes and candidates just to find the suitable one and that could be you.

Lastly, always start off with a positive comment about the respective company- something like- I’ve really been looking forward to work for this company. And tell the hiring manage how excited are you to contribute your skills and knowledge by being a prospect here.

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