Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind

Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind

“Health is Wealth”– it is one of the most popular proverb nowadays. For most of us, being healthy means being physically fit. But the real definition of health is far beyond just being physically fit. It also means our mental, social as well as spiritual well-being. It is said that- “A healthy mind lies in a healthy body”. It is true that a healthy mind keeps a healthy body, but it is not necessary that a healthy body always keeps your mind healthy. Body and mind are related in maintaining good health. Body itself is designed by the mind.

But then the question arises- Can we live without food? Can we maintain a good physique with consumption of food and liquid? Though matters such as food and liquid are important, but along with them our mind also plays a vital role in staying fit physically and mentally. Mind, which is governed by our intellectual power, is one of the important aspects of our existence too. Also is said that mind, body and soul are three entities that make a man. A healthy mind helps the body even in critical situations.

But when does our mind remain healthy? Our mind remains healthy when it is happy and satisfied. Healthy mind is wealthy. To remain healthy, one should be mentally strong. Unless and until mind is strong and active, however physically a person is strong, he cannot achieve well in life. When mental strength is lost, everything is lost. If we have the desire to live, then no matter how physically weak we are, our strong minds will definitely lengthen our lives. On the other hand even if we are physically strong but do not have the desire to live, then our lives gradually shorten. Mind and body are inter-related, so one should take care of good mental status to keep good body conditions. Any mental fear can cause ill health.

Everyday we read in the newspapers about the number of suicide cases in the city. It is most widespread in the 10th and 12th standard students. Is it because those students are physically weak? Most of the students or we can say that all the students are physically quite strong but the thing is that they are mentally weak. So a little bit of pressurization can cause nervous breakdowns and leads them to suicide. On the other side, students who might be ill during the Board Examinations but have a strong determination to give the examinations will definitely write the examinations. The reason behind this firm determination is their strong and firm minds.

While studying during the examinations, many students feel sleepy and if their mental power is not strong they would surely doze off. This would lead to mental stress at the end time which would adversely affect their health. But, at the same time, if they have a strong determination the “I cannot go to sleep because I have got to study” then they would surely be able to move on with their studies. Usually some students feel sick during the examinations. This is all because they have fear in their minds regarding the examinations and are likely to fall ill.

Thinking positively also leads to a good health of mind. By seeing the positive aspects of life rather than the negative ones, we can achieve permanent happiness. It is said the “God does everything for our good”. It may not give spontaneous results but during the long run the results will surely be positive. By thinking positively, the outcomes of our actions will also be positive.

It was once said by a German theologian, Albert Schweitzer- “Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside”. Hence, it is our psychological power which is responsible for our good health than our physical power. Also is rightly stated-


“Think positive. Be positive. Live positive.”

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