Four essentials to know your staff


1. Get to know each team member.
Know each person’s qualifications, job details and the responsibilities that go with the job. Find out what special interests and career ambitions each team member has. There may be a responsibility you’d like to delegate that naturally fits in with the work that someone is already doing-or that matches well with a career goal.

2. Identify strengths and weaknesses
In addition to knowing each team member’s job and interests, know the person’s strong and weak points. Everyone has unique skills and abilities. Skills don’t always match the job or the work being done, so you may have to dig a little to find out. Review job references and performance appraisals if you can. Ask any other supervisors the individual may have worked with, or consider skills and aptitude testing

3. Match responsibilities to staff members.
Go over your list of responsibilities you could delegate to team members. As you do, compare responsibilities with each team member’s qualifications, interests and strengths. For example, someone who enjoys working with people may be naturally suited to training new employees. Someone who’s good at maths may be ideal for analyzing the team’s output.

4. Talk it over
Whenever you can, talk to potential candidates before you decide to delegate Find out who shows interest and enthusiasm. Consider who would have the time needed to handle the responsibility. This can help you narrow your choices.

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