Follow-up after an interview have no rules neither there are any guidelines in place to perform the follow-up activity. As a job-seeker you ask yourself many questions to yourself,

  • “If I follow up now, do I seem desperate?
  • If I wait too long, will they think I’m lazy?
  • What if I’m the front-runner but I bug them and they cross my name off the list? 

And many such question revolve in your mind but at best, you can do what feels right and see what happens. Following are some do’s and dont’s of a follow-up,

  • Do remember to send a thank-you note to the employer via an email, to communicate that you respect their time and energies devoted in the hiring process.
  • Do not choke the recruiter’s inbox with more emails unless you want to be thought of as a bug.
  • Do call-up for the follow-up after an appropriate amount of time has passed. In this case, if you were given a deadline for when a decision would be made, let it pass and wait a few extra days and then make the call.
  • Do not call again and again unless you’ve been told to as it may sabotage your image and may appear to be a pest.

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