Enjoying Your Own Company

Enjoying Your Own Company

“I get up at 7 o clock in the morning and leave for office by 9 o clock.  I leave the office by 8:30 pm at night. I then come home, have food and retire to bed. On weekends, I’m running here and there, completing all errands which are otherwise impossible to complete on weekdays. I don’t even remember when was the last time I spent time with myself.”

“I go to college at about 8:30 in the morning and I come back by 4 pm. I then rest or go for a workout. After coming back home, I focus on college curricular or on some internship that I am a part of. That’s how my day ends. On weekends, I’m either out shopping or I make an effort to catch up with my school friends. I think I do spend time with myself this way, don’t I?”

“I am a house wife and I spend my entire day running here and there, doing one thing or the other. My day starts at 6 am in the morning, in the kitchen, preparing lunch boxes and breakfast platters, and it ends at night, in the kitchen, serving good hot dinner. The weekends are just the same, maybe even more hectic, since everyone is at home and there are constant demands at every hour. ‘Me’ time? I’ve even forgotten what that is.”

These three distinct schedules sum up the day of an ordinary individual an ordinary working person, an ordinary youth and an ordinary house wife.
We’re all earning well, we’re all socially educated, well learned and etc. We live in good houses, come from well to do families, and know everything there is to know about social behavior.
We remain on our best behavior when we are in public, hence, we know how to spend time with other people.
But, do we know how to spend time with ourselves?

Life is a race, or so we all think. Most of us are only aiming at getting through life, somehow. Anyhow.
But in all of this chaos and mayhem that we call our life, we’ve forgotten one very important requirement: Staying content in one’s own company.
Lets give this a practical note. It must have happened many a times that an old friend or relative must have called you up and asked you to meet up just to catch up for old time’s sake. But your other commitments did not allow you to meet up with them. You were busy and so you couldn’t spend time with them.
Similarly, many a times this must have happened to you too. People would have been busy and you were left alone, in your company.
First and foremost, we all need to acknowledge the fact that the world does not function based on how we would like it to function.
Only our lives run according to us, not the lives of others. So, it is bound to happen that people will not have time for us, no matter how much they want to be with us. And we need to accept that.
Everyone has things they have to do, commitments they have to fulfill, and so it is not possible to socialize every single time.

What’s to be done when you’re left in your own company?
There is so much you could do. Remember when you were younger, and you liked to sketch? You could pick up that hobby again.
Or you could read. Reading NEVER gets old.
Get your creative side out again, start drawing, painting, sketching, singing, dancing, or any other activity that you had once been interested in.

Internet is such a useful platform, google up some new recipes and try them at home.

Every city has some secret, unexplored, magnificent places. Go explore your city, find new people to talk to, and new places to eat at.

Catch up on all of your lost sleep.

Spend time with your family, especially your grandparents. Get those wrinkled faces to smile once more, at the thought of their grandchildren once again spending time with them,

Join a gym, yoga or aerobics center, and give your body all that it deserves.

Start being comfortable in your own skin. Start being happy in your own company because, in life, there will be many moments and many days when you will be left on your own.

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