Smart Phone Addiction – 2

Smart Phone Addiction - 2

How will you explain yourself in coming years. May be like this :

“Hey “X” here and I a smart phone addict ”

So following are the steps that you must follow to get rid of this maniac :

  • Avoid Reading emails or seeing your pending messages the first thing in the morning . Like you all most probably will sleep by messaging “Good Night ” to everyone and after waking up the first thing you will do is to pinging everyone with your “Good Morning “.
  • Configure you phone in this way that lesser push notification and low volume notification sound .It will make you to take a step back from a state of constant reading to the latest notification flying your way .
  • Set a specific time to access social media or text
    For Example: Make a habit to use the phone for a specific time like 9:00pm -10:00pm and no phone after 10.
    not just vibrate switch it off!!
  • Give time to everyone you love (Friends/ Family)
    Encourage everyone to silence their phone during family time . When your with your friends turn off your phone nothing will happen in this small time but small breaks like this will help you get out of this :D.
  • Monitor your own phone activity .
    By this was you can have a track on the usage and work on your de-addiction.
  • Avoid using phone while driving ,do it before or after your drive because by doing this, not only your saving yourself as well as ensure safety of others :P.
  • Create NO PHONE ZONES:
    If your too addicted avoid taking phone with you while your out . Deposit phone by the door to limit the usage .
  • Professional Councilors are there to help you overcome temptation . πŸ˜€

So, next time when your distracted with the tone of your phone have a check on time you spend on your phone .

“Its time to own your smart phone rather than letting it own you ”

In its modern time:

“Smart Phones are getting smart day by day but human are becoming fools ”

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