Employee Relations- 3

Employee Relations- 3

Ways to maximize employee happiness from an HR perspective

Employee Relations- From an HR perspective

A business can’t run merely with the infrastructure which includes the tables and chairs!! It needs human labour, the man power, which is of utmost importance, be it a servant, or be it a manager. A manager can’t do the job of an engineer and vice-versa. Everyone has its own importance. This is a well-known fact that no one can do all the work by himself/herself, the minimal guidance and support is always needed. Human workers are very important assets for an association, where everyone comes with a sole purpose of working for the good of the company! Employees make an eminent part of an organization without which certainly an organization doesn’t and cannot work! Hence, it is very necessary for an organization to keep them happy and safe. That’s how a business works!

For an organization to reach the greater heights, the support of the employees is immensely needed. And this will only happen if employees are happy, content and are willing to stick to the workplace. It is very important that a healthy, sporty and learning environment prevails in the atmosphere of a growing company. The positivity amongst the employees is the most important thing. This is a base for many positive things that can happen to an organization.

Here, we will talk about the employee relations, and its utter importance in an organization. Every individual shares a certain relationship with the people he/she works with, has a different bonding. This relationship can be with anyone, be it between the boss and the employee or with a colleague. It is very important that you share a good bond at your workplace with at least the people you work with, to make sure you perform your best and nice outputs evolve. In fact when you work with an organization you spend maximum time at your workplace, so if you won’t get a positive vibe from this very place, you can’t think of performing good! The term “Employee relations” refers to an attempt that an employer makes to keep the employees happy and to manage relationships between the employer and the employee. Because certainly employees can’t work in a vacuum, they need an atmosphere to communicate with people and work in coordination with them to get their job done. Hence there has to be a proper management in relationships among the workers so that the functioning and processes of the business go well without any hindrances, and the employees put up their best endeavor in everything. The company which provides their employees an unbiased environment, enjoys the loyalty of the employees.

Nice and effective communication also comes under managing the employee relations! That is, to make sure that no communication gap breathes amongst the employees. Because a good communication is always required when you want to get your work done, or you are working for someone.

An HR department focuses on, makes strategies for the same! These plans obviously depends on the number of employees working with the firm, its location, its size and the like. These include the following concerns:

  • Pay and benefits: Employee-friendly companies provide a worth pay for work done by the employees with other benefits such as medical claims, group insurance, leave travelling allowances and the like. These certainly encourage the employees.
  • Work-life balance: The employers are also concerned that whether the employees are able to maintain a balance in their professional life and personal life.
  • Safe working conditions: Safety of the employees is also a matter of concern for the employers. Some companies (working in nights!) provide the cab facilities, with a pick-up and drop provision just to ensure the safety of the workers. 🙂
  • Making the employees feel that the work they are doing is of a great importance to the company and the production is affected, make them feel wanted and responsible for the kind of work they do, which is again indirectly good for the company only!
  • Another thing that the department does for the employees is giving them recognitions! So that they know, yes their work gets noticed, and the good work is always appreciated, this gives the employees a motivation and inspires them to work even harder!


And yes these plans, these strategies made for the employees are of much importance, as, ‘Happy employees are the productive employees!!’


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