Employee and Management

Employee and Management


The most essential elements of the management is how the tasks is being performed by the employees according to the organisational goals. The main purpose of the organisation is not only making profit but also satisfying the employees need as well.
The basic principle of management “Order” should be taken in very smart way. This function states that there is a place for everyone and everyone should be in its place, and there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. By this principle we can save lots of time as well as there will be not delay during the working of the employees.
If an employee is searching to take an urgent signature of the senior for proceeding the organisation tasks or seeking the senior for an important discussion or information etc, if that person would not be in its place there will be lack in taking reaction on those purposes and if it was very urgent it can cause damage to the tasks of the organisation.
Or if the workers are searching for appropriate tool, goods, raw material etc, they should be placed in their respective place that the worker should not got in trouble of finding the material and he could continue the task given to them by the organisation.
Every employee wants to fulfill its minimum necessities like:-
a)    Security of job
b)    Salary
c)    Promotion
d)    Motivation, respect, tittle etc

Organisation provides these necessities to them. By this way employees will show more intensity towards their work and will try to perform it in its best way, and on the basis of their performance promotions will be granted to them.
Not only money is compulsory, some little formal and informal motivations are also required to boost up their work. By simply appreciating the respected employee in front of its colleges will give them a boost on their work. The employees also required a title that it should be known by others. Managers ought to motivate their team members to behave as a mature professional. Encourage your subordinates to set an example for others. Make them understand how behaving well would help them make a mark of their own and stand apart from the crowd. They need to realize themselves the importance of behaving well at workplace. Sit with your team members and know if at all they are facing any sorts of problems or need any assistance and guidance.. A pat on their back and simple words like “Wow”, “Well Done”, “Good job done” go a long way in motivating employees and influencing their behaviour. Appreciate them in front of others. Also put their names on notice boards for others to see as well. Reward them suitably. This way, employees not only develop a sense of attachment towards their organization but also motivate others to behave as per standards for a healthy work culture.

Every employee is in seeking of having a secure job. Organisation fulfils that as well. It provides them proper security of job to them. No employee will be thrown out outside the contact they had made while joining the organisation. Each member of the organisation can be there will minimum period of the time fixed by both of them, if he wants to continue he can.
Management plays and important role in all aspect of the organisation. Without proper knowledge about management functions and techniques it will be very difficult for running an organisation, and it can bear losses. If the employees have proper knowledge and know something new and better techniques they should be given opportunities in front of the seniors. If some employees are beginner in the working patterns of the management, but had knowledge orally but not much practically management should provide basic training to them along with a head that they could approach to them easily for their problems, by this way they can turn their new ideas and knowledge in practical manner and which can be beneficial for the organisation as well as for the employees.
Employee’s basic need is salary. According to function of management an appropriate salary is fixed for each employee, and with the promotion to their job employee’s salary also expanded according to the role they are performing. Equity function of management is worked in here. It states that each member working in same category will be given equal salary, or salary will be fixed on the basis of completion of tasks.

So for better functioning of management employees interest also be taken in part. By this way organisation will fulfill its task and can use the new ideas for maximising profit and on the other hand employees also get nourished.


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